Energi Q1 2020

Team Energi seems to have turned unstoppable. Earlier this year, the project team indicated that the most awaited Energi Gen 3 launch date might be shifted to Q2 of 2020. But that did not happen. In fact, Energi Gen 3 went Live officially in Q1 only. And this is a full-scale version of what was promised.

Now that Energi Gen 3 is officially launched here is a brief of what changes for Energi (NRG) holders now.

Energi Gen 3- Smart Contract Platform

On March 10th, 12:00 PM UTC, the team tweeted the launch of Gen 3 along with a mini-guide. The guide gives NRG users an overview of how to migrate from Gen 2 to Gen 3. With a few simple to follow steps, the migration will be complete within 10 mins.

Why Gen 3?

Energi launched as a Proof of Work coin (Gen 1) in April 2018. It was a $DASH fork that led to the creation of NRG. In quick succession, Energi transitioned to Gen 2 which was a Proof of Stake coin. This happened in April 2019. And within less than one year, Energi is live with Gen 3 that is capable of launching smart contracts.

Energi’s Evolution

Energi has evolved very rapidly and with Gen 3 it is edging closer to be a world-class cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Like platform

The Gen 3 renders Energi Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities. And this also incorporates the existing strong Masternode structure, self-funding treasury, and decentralized governance models. With this, existing dApps and infrastructure like MyEtherWallet (MEW) will be moved to Energi’s network. Thus the Gen 3 users would be able to generate wallets and support smart contract interactions.

Such potential capabilities will attract new users and will lead to an explosive growth of Energi.

Energi Incubator

Launch of Gen 3 initiates the Energi Incubator program too. This is entirely focused to support and advance early-stage blockchain projects. Right from viability analysis, engineering support, smart contract auditing process, addressing security issues and more.

If you need details to create a new Gen 3 wallet or wish to migrate your funds refer to their simple to understand Energi Wiki. Energi’s support team is impressively quick to resolve the migration queries too.

Easier than even Masternode owning

As a Proof of Stake coin, Masternodes play a pivotal role in the Energi ecosystem. Energi Masternodes ensure network stability, transaction validation and support the governance model. It is the masternode supported governance model that ensures treasury fund allocation is unbiased and innovations keep happening.

With Gen 3 Energi ecosystem has grown profoundly thus it requires more masternodes to turn out to a stronger and successful platform. For this sake, Energi Gen 3 makes it easy to own an Energi masternode easier. Thus there have been some significant changes in the masternode structure.

NRG Requirement

To run an Energi Masternode on Gen 2, 10,000 NRG are required. But to make it more accessible with Gen 3, the amount of Energi needed has been bought down significantly. To run a Gen 3 Masternode, you will require only 1,000 NRG.

Masternode rewards

With the launch of Gen 3, the masternode rewards generation will be 1/10th of what one Gen 2 masternode brings in now. This change will create a better experience of running masternodes. And will aid in efficient reward accumulation. Along with that, it will improve the security and quality of the entire Energi network.

Undoubtedly, with such a stronger masternode network, Energi will be more decentralized than ever before

At the time of writing, each NRG masternode (1,000 NRG) generates 31 NRG monthly. 

Staking opportunity

The Masternode users who possess less than 1,000 can also stake their NRG holdings. And the staking ROI at the time of press if 15.73%. The reward frequency depends upon the number of holdings.

All in all Energi Gen 3 marks a major milestone for team Energi. The community is all excited to be able to migrate and activate a masternode within just 5 minutes. A simple and glitch-free experience to be part of the Energi revolution- the future of money.

Early this year, Energi had released over 3.8 Million NRG to over 45K participants. And with Gen 3, the participants have much more to look forward to. 

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Twitter – http://nrg.click/EnergiTwitterAB
Discord – http://nrg.click/EnergiDiscordAB
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