Enjin is revamping its site.

In the last 24 hours, Enjin, the Ethereum platform-based cryptocurrency token price, has seen a 21.4% jump. As per Coingecko, each Enjin traded $0.083111 at press time.

The price surge of Enjin isn’t coincidental. On the contrary, a series of interrelated events has made it happen. One of the potential contributors is Caleb Applegate, who has taken up the leadership role at Enjin Coin. 
Caleb is the co-owner of one of the world’s largest Minecraft gaming servers, Mineplex. Despite assuming a new role, he remains to be part of Mineplex, concurrently acting as Enjin’s Chief Operating Officer. He brings over a decade of operational and consulting expertise to Enjin from the gaming and entertainment industry. According to the reports, Caleb’s leadership aims to bring in laser-sharp focus and leading innovation. It is expected to be a major move for the advancement of Enjin’s ecosystem.

However, Caleb’s involvement isn’t the only factor that is boosting its price. Enjin Coin price inflation is also influenced by Samsung’s increasing blockchain focus. The two partnered early this year that led to the Engin price surge of 78%. Very soon Samsung will release new details of its blockchain phone concept at the SDC Conference in California.

Exciting times for Enjin

In fact, this quarter has been full of excitement for the Enjin’s team. On June 17th, Ethereum adopted ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard. As an official Ethereum token, ERC-1155 is quite innovative. With the adoption, it has become an unchangeable standard that is available to every Ethereum developer. The integration of one ERC-1155 asset in any gaming app significantly brings down the effort to integrate any other token.

Besides, last week on Aug 29th, Kriptomat incorporated Enjin blockchain into its trading platform. With this, Kriptomat becomes the first exchange where a trader can earn NFT’s.

Previously, Altcoin Buzz also reported that the coin has become available in Switzerland. This is big, as the country is well-known for its favorable stance toward crypto. Lastly, Enjin Enjin has announced its partnership with the Tokyo-based Hashport Accelerator. Combined, these factors are contributing to its growth.

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