Excitement Builds as Cartesi DApp Incubation Program Enters the Last Phase

Cartesi, is building a layer-2 platform to address the blockchain scalability issues. Cartesi’s approach is unique as it plans to off-chain all complex calculations. Moreover, this will revolutionize smart contracts and dApps development and lead to speed enhancement and cost-reduction. While the year 2021 is dedicated to the implementation of optimistic rollups on mainnet, the Cartesi DApp incubation program has entered its final phase. Through the 3-month journey of the incubation program, the team has discovered some amazing real-world use cases for Cartesi and its Descartes SDK.

Basically, Cartesi will provide a Linux infrastructure to run the smart contacts and dApps off-chain. Thus, the developers will have access to an entire operating system for smart contracts development. This will eliminate the blockchain learning curve and scalability limitations. Along with that, the smart contract developer will be able to use mainstream software stacks, standard libraries, file systems, and toolchains.

Cartesi Incubator Spotlight

Cartesi DApp Incubation Program with over $80k in rewards has been a great success. It has now entered the last phase in partnership with Gitcoin. In the last phase, the teams of 3 winners of the incubation program will accept donations from the community. This will help decode how Cartesi’s $20K matching pool gets distributed via Gitcoin’s Quadratic Funding.

Incubator program Winners – Innovative dApps using Cartesi

Each winning project received $20,000. Post this they will now present what they have built using Cartesi. This will give them a chance to win $20,000 through a Cartesi Matching Round in partnership with Gitcoin. Let us dive deep into the projects:

Creol – Reputable carbon reduction certifications using Cartesi

Creol Environments is an IoT-powered building control system designed to carbon offsets itself in real-time. Using this dApp, the users can track their energy impact in real-time and lower it. Furthermore, blockchain is used to record the carbon offset certificates. As a result, the users of Creol Environment can prove their energy-saving effort.

Creol is implementing Cartesi in their IoT devices. This will help ensure the building stats measured and computed building stats remain verified and immutable. As a result, Creol deliveries a resilient and reliable IoT system by using Cartesi.

SimThunder – Disrupting Esports with blockchain technology

SimThunder is marketplace where sim racers can exchange sim racing items. This marketplace is a combination of Esports and NFTs. The racing items exchanged here range from car parts and equipment to NFTs representing ownership of digital cars. Furthermore, the SimThunder project aims to provide an incentivized market for NFTs.

This is where Cartesi’s Descates comes into the picture. The Marketplace will use Descartes SDK to enable secure trading of NFTs. It will help establish a trustless marketplace where two users can securely trade NFTs.

Carti: Bringing packaging technology to life on Cartesi

Package managers help users install, track and manage the software of their computers. Carti is building a decentralized package manager for Cartesi Machines so that the developer can have complete control over how they want to serve their machine. As a result, developers will be able to store and share components anywhere offering them a better development experience.

Gitcoin Grants Round Details

The donation started on 17 February 17, 2021, and will end on 28 February 2021. Currently, Carti is leading in the Match Round with an estimated match of $2,762. Followed by SimThunder and Creol with an estimated match of $461 and $254 respectively.

To wrap

Cartesi is not only solving the scalability issues for blockchain, it is also revolutionizing smart contract and dApp development with off-chaining. Additionally, the platform is excited to support pioneering projects that exhibit the potential to shape the future of blockchain technology, dApps, and smart contracts.

CTSI Price

In the last 30 days, the CTSI price has pumped over 207%. At the time of press, the CTSI token is trading close to $0.183.

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