Enjin, the Singapore-based information technology company focused on online gaming and the cryptocurrency sector, has struck a new partnership. Together with the SENS Research Foundation it will create a charity foundation. 

According to an official press-release obtained by Altcoinbuzz Enjin wants to leverage “its thriving global community of 20 million gamers, powerful blockchain tools and sophisticated decentralized technology to drive more effective and interactive fundraising for worthy cases globally.

Enjin, known for its security and reliability as well as insight into the gaming industry, aims to revolutionize the way donors interact with the recipient. That is why the project has launched a pilot donations program.

Its partner includes SRF, an organization that focuses on tackling age-related diseases. Together, they want to show donors that it is possible to gamify the fundraising process. How? By making the whole process interactive. When a donor makes a donation, s/he will get a reward “in the form of unique blockchain-based collectible items.” Enjin will “mint” them, also known as non-fungible tokens, on its platform. This NFT will represent that donation.

Greater transparency

The proposed NFT will not just aim to resonate with the donors. Besides, it will secure greater transparency, as it will be available on a public record on the Ethereum blockchain. The SRF pilot enables NFTsfor specific lab equipment, funding for researchers, or some other pressing need of the foundation.

Maxim Blagov, CEO of Enjin, welcomed the partnership noting that Enjin is committed to making blockchain practically beneficial. Particularly, by supporting struggling communities and important scientific research. He added:

“By creating a more exciting, playful and incentive-based system for people to donate, we will encourage an ecosystem for active ongoing contributions with strong potential to go viral globally, instead of one-time donations.”

It will also be possible to trade NFT collectibles with others. Enjin will encourage donors “to collect specific sets and create NFT portfolios to unlock special rewards.” The NFT will be allocated automatically. This will reduce the administrative burden on the organizations supported.

Dr Aubrey de Grey, co-founder of the SRF noted:

“Our work to cure crippling age-related diseases relies entirely on active partners and donors like the Ethereum Foundation. Their ongoing support has a real and powerful positive impact on the vital work we’re doing to both improve quality of life and extend healthy human longevity.”

Usable for other purposes

Besides, NFTs will become usable as in-game items to access a range of special perks. Currently, there are 30+ games already building with Enjin, with many more to come online over time.

The founder of the Ethereum foundation already supported the SRF. He allotted $2,4 in ETH  and champions an organisational culture committed to active and meaningful philanthropic work.

“One of Ethereum Foundation’s goals is to grow our community through support for innovative projects that can have real and positive impact around the world.” said Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation, “We recognize the work of projects like Enjin that are building within the thriving Ethereum ecosystem and supporting worthy charitable causes like the SRF.”

Previously, Enjin allegedly struck a partnership with Samsung. To make a donation please follow this link.


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