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Another beautiful day for the crypto industry as Forbes partners with Unlock. The partnership is geared toward allowing Forbes website readers to enjoy ad-free reading.

This is according to an official blog post by Unlock. In it, the company states that its users will be able to enjoy the Forbes website ad-free. However, they will first have to pay a flat fee in ether to enjoy this feature for a limited period of time.

The announcement revealed that Forbes has deployed two locks on its website. The first will provide users with an ad-free experience for one month. Concurrently, the second one — for one week only. To get this ad-free experience, users will have to make use of a browser that has an in-built crypto wallet. For instance, the Opera browser. Users can also make use of wallets that provide easy access to dApps such as Coinbase or MetaMask.

How to subscribe

According to the announcement, there’s a button in the Forbes’ crypto and blockchain section. Once a user presses it, s/he will find out how to pay for the ad-free experience in ether. Providing the user with a non-fungible token (NFT) immediately after payment. This token signifies users’ membership.

Users can also trade or transfer tokens in markets such as OpenSea.

According to the blog post, Unlock believes that a membership-driven economy will soon replace the attention driven one. While content creators get rewards for attracting users’ attention, readers are effectively facing an overload of information. After all, most websites are filled with slideshows, clickbait, and even fake news. Unlock plans to fix this issue by ensuring that users get to enjoy websites without annoying ads.

On a final note, Forbes is proud to be experimenting with cryptocurrency and inadvertently leading to more crypto adoption. 

Do you hate ads? Would you pay for such an option? Let us know your thoughts.


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