Gnosis three new interoperable product lines

Gnosis has announced the introduction of a slew of new exciting interoperable product lines on its platform.

The Ethereum-based prediction market platform recently informed its users about its recent launches as well as other new features. In a blog post, Gnosis disclosed details about the updates alongside several other milestones. A major highlight of its recent achievements included having over 100,000 ETH in its Safe Multisig.

Setting up your Multisig

A significant update of its features now allows Gnosis users to set up their Multisig within one minute. Integrating Onboard.js on its platform has made this possible.

According to Gnosis, the introduction of Onboard.js would facilitate a smooth onboarding experience for users. There would also be a step-by-step guide of how to set up the Safe Multisig, which had the ability to support different wallet options.

Moreover, this would enable the platform to offer native hardware wallet integration with users from now on. As a direct result of this, both Ledger Nano and Trezor devices can now function with the platform without needing to use Metamask. Earlier, Metamask functioned as a third party between Gnosis and a hardware wallet. In other words, direct communication is now possible between a user’s hardware device and Safe Multisig.

Another new feature update for Gnosis is ERC-721 support that gives the opportunity to its users to store their NFTs in the Safe Multisig. So, they can transact and safeguard their NFTs the same as ETH and ERC-20s.

Changes on Gnosis website

The first noticeable change is the Gnosis website’s new landing page, designed to better portray the features and advantages of the Safe Multisig. With this improvement, users would now be able to find up-to-date information on how to use the Multisig and its various benefits in safeguarding their digital assets. They can also check out past audits or learn to secure assets effectively with Nexus Mutual.

Gnosis also recently launched a Safe Developer portal. It gives interested developers directions on how to build on the platform safely. Besides, they can know how to harness the Safe Multisig unique features in their applications.

There had been a need for easy interaction with Ethereum decentralized applications (DApps). With this in mind, Gnosis has come out with the proposed launch of Safe Apps. It is specially designed to provide users access to exciting decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. Another update mentioned in its blog by the decentralized prediction platform was the building of a Safe Multisig compatible with desktops.

Last year, the decentralized prediction platform partnered with blockchain startup, Fractal, to facilitate global financial inclusion.


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