Google has added three cryptocurrencies to its currency exchange calculator. It appears that Google is slowly starting to embrace cryptocurrencies.

Users of the Google search engine can now see the prices of Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash using Googles currency exchange calculator. Previously, Google only showed the valuation of Bitcoin (BTC). Now, people interested in these other cryptocurrencies will see the current price of one of those assets in comparison to their local currency if they simply type the name (ex: Litecoin) and or ticker (ex: LTC) into Google. Google also shows a line graph of the last two years of valuation, which will show interested parties that these assets have been trending upwards in that time span.

Interestingly, typing “Eth” or “Ethereum” does not show the current price in the same way that the other currencies are shown. Users must navigate to the currency selection screen and select “Ether” to see Ethereum’s price. This is likely just a temporary error that will be corrected shortly by Google, since typing any other currency name instantly displays its price front and center.

Googles attitude toward crypto seems to be changing. Previously this year they seemed very anti-crypto when they banned crypto advertisements and crypto mining extensions but have since been quieter about crypto. Recently, one of Googles founders, Sergey Brin, went as far as to say that Google “…failed to be on the bleeding edge” of blockchain and crypto technology.

This move by Google should bring some more exposure to cryptocurrencies. The first place most people go to look into new things is the Google search engine. Now that these prices and charts are front and center on Google, even the laziest of researchers can be given lots of interesting price information simply and quickly, hopefully inspiring them to dig deeper.


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