When it comes to DeFi, everyone is always looking to invest tokens with good odds of getting good yields. However, this is very difficult to find nowadays.

In order to close that gap, Hector Network has created SaaS Bonding, which allows all stakeholders to benefit, including the Fantom community. Let’s discover more details about this new feature and how it works.

Get Future Tokens at Discounted Prices with SaaS Bonding 

SaaS Bonding let users deposit single or LP tokens into Hector Network to get tokens at a lower discounted price at a later date. This service is audited by CertiK, providing an integrated solution to the Fantom ecosystem.

To make this new mechanism work, partners will establish a bonding market using Hector Network’s infrastructure. This will let users get tokens at a discount that will be locked during the bonding lockup period.

It’s important to know that Hector SaaS Bonding will give users more options to combine multiple token types. This offers users the potential for higher profits and simple access to liquidity production.

This program is like a blend of 2 well-known crypto funding techniques. Airdrops and Early Private/Public Sale. SaaS Bonding is like an airdrop but instead of getting the tokens for free, by investing now you get the option to buy for a discount later. And we all know getting in early on good projects is key for making money. So it’s like an early public sale where the tokens are offered for a discount and then at a higher price later.

More About Hector’s SaaS Bonding

A very interesting use case of SaaS Bonding is for DAOs because it improves user retention, sales slowdown, POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity), and increased utility.

Furthermore, during times of market volatility, it is critical for protocols to have POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) to guarantee liquidity. In other words, projects will be able to raise money, and users will receive token discounts with audited smart contracts. And they can keep their markets liquid at the same time.

Just a couple of days back on March 9th, SpookySwap became the first partner for SaaS Bonding. The picture below shows how much discount you can get on the $BOO token. If you want to check out these bonds, just go here.

Hector Network, one of the top projects on Fantom, is always looking for new ways to solve problems. To never miss their latest update, make sure you follow them on Twitter.

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