Earlier this year, we published an article detailing how much Hector Network accomplished in 2022 and how it stuck to the plans detailed in its roadmap. Hector’s quest for cross-chain expansion means it’s making some major changes to its roadmaps.

Hector Network has some new additions to its roadmap. However, some projects have to be discontinued by the team. This article takes a dive into Hector’s new update, what they have achieved, and the new additions.

What has Hector achieved so far?

Roadmaps act as a guide that details what a project plans to achieve. Very often, we see projects derail from their roadmap or take too long to meet their specified targets. One of the ways to judge a project is by its roadmap.

It is easier to trust what a project plans to do if it has a track record of results. Interestingly, the team at Hector Network has done an impressive job since the start of the year. Let’s look at how they’ve kept to their roadmap. Consult our earlier article for its 2022 review.

The team at Hector started the year clearly mapped out. Here are some of the things they have achieved in the last few months:

The Hector SaaS BondingThe Hector SaaS Bonding was slated for Q1 2023 and was duly launched as promised. Hector Saas Bonding was launched in March. It provides a secure and audited (by Certik) bonding service for projects and individual users, providing an integrated solution to the Fantom ecosystem. We also covered the launch of Saas Bonding. Check it out here.

The launch of Hector Swap: Earlier this month, the Hector team announced the launch of Hector Swap, a solution that allows users to swap tokens on a number of EVM-compatible chains.

The team, however, made some changes. Some scheduled updates were paused due to internal reasons. For example, the Token Launchpad, Symphonia, Hector Library, and Mythos have all been paused and stopped following a budget review. Meanwhile, the Atlantica NFT Marketplace was also stopped due to some development changes. The team plans to communicate a fresh update in the coming months.

What’s next for the Hector Network?

Being a goal-oriented team, Hector has released new updates to its roadmap detailing what it plans to achieve in the coming months. The release of Multipay and Bridge are two of the standout developments. Check this page for a full view of the updated roadmap.

Like any other team, the Hector team might announce some adjustments and changes. But their previous accomplishments show that Hector Network has credibility in terms of its achievements.

We also expect to see more partnerships with other brands in the coming months. Last year, Hector announced multiple partnerships, including one with the German football team Borussia Dortmund.

Hector is also one of the standout platforms on Fantom. With the team ready to embark on more expansion quests, Hector’s potential could be massive.

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