HedgeTrade partners with Bluzelle and Simplex

HedgeTrade, the social trading platform designed for trading analysis, predication, and education is all set to cater to its growing consumer base. Recently, it announced two major partnerships with Bluzelle and Simplex.

By integrating Simplex, HedgeTrade will offer a simple and secure way to buy HEDG tokens using a credit card. By partnering with Bluzelle, HedgeTrade will be able to offer blockchain-interoperable trading tools to its user base.

HedgeTrade’s Simplex and Bluzelle partnership looks like a strategic move. Using Simplex credit card processing solution, the social trading platform targets to lower the barriers of adoption. Furthermore, as the adoption increases, syncing with Bluzelle promises to scale HedgeTrade network to handle mass-adoption.

Simple and familiar experience

As a licensed financial institution providing an online payment processing solution, Simplex prevents payment frauds. It also provides fast and secure credit card payments along with diverse payment methods for merchants. According to Simplex co-founder and chief executive Nimrod Lehavi, with Simplex integration, HedgeTrade users will find it easy to get involved in the space.

HedgeTrade CEO & Co-Founder, David Waslen said Simplex is a great partner for them. That is because Simplex integration allows users to buy HEDG using credit cards. As the users are already familiar with this way of making online purchases, this will significantly lower the crypto adoption barrier.

Interoperability and Scalability

By syncing up with Bluzelle’s decentralized database network, HedgeTrade will deliver blockchain-interoperable trading tools to its users. With Bluzelle, HedgeTrade would have access to a decentralized solution for storing, managing, and analyzing the data. Moreover, its database will be more secure and high scalable. This is because Bluzelle ensures maximum uptime.

HedgeTrade continues to grow after its beta launch in 2019. Now the platform intends to provide expert and novice traders with tools that are available on traditional trading platforms. Apart from that, it wants to ensure the data generated on the platform is secure. Moreover, to achieve all this Bluzelle seems to be an appropriate platform to collaborate with. Bluzelle is a network of globally distributed nodes. With such an infrastructure in place, it is capable of offering mass scalability and blockchain interoperability.

With Bluzelle, HedgeTrade would be able to use a decentralized method of data handling. Consequently, they will be able to manage market data better and perform better risk analysis.

About HedgeTrade

HedgeTrade is a social trading platform powered by blockchain. It is one of the leading platforms where best traders are able to trade the predictions they have made. Furthermore, these predictions are posted into a smart-contract powered Blueprint. A platform uses buys these Blueprints to access the predictions. If the prediction is correct, the trader receives an incentive otherwise the user receives a refund.


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