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Under The Radar Coins. Unseen Gems. That’s what everyone wants to find. What could become the next Bitcoin? Or the next The Sandbox? The next Polygon or the next decentralized Shopify? We know how hard they are to find. But today, we have 4 great projects for you. All flying under the radar and just doing their thing.

The market will notice them someday, and you get to see them right now. Interested in these gems? Then let’s check it out!

Coin #1: ZIL

Our first coin is Zilliqa. Zilliqa has its hands in a few different things that we like. First, it’s one of the oldest blockchain projects going back to 2017. Second, its Metapolis metaverse is a great way to get exposure to both metaverses and games if you like those sectors. There’s a lot of custom building a project can do inside Zilliqa’s Metapolis. It could definitely give The Sandbox a run for its money.

Third, 2 of our favorite projects are part of the Zilliqa ecosystem. One is our friends at LunarCrush. They are one of the best crypto research tools you can use. The way they track Crypto Twitter activity and traffic is awesome. And it’s second to none in social analysis for Twitter. The 2nd one is Unstoppable Domains. We are big fans of naming services in general. And let’s face it. While Ethereum’s ENS is the biggest, it’s not the only game in town. Just like many crypto power users don’t like using Ethereum if they don’t have to and go to another Layer 1 or one of ETH’s Layer 2 solutions. Some don’t want a .eth name either.

And although many ecosystem projects have their own coin you could buy, one thing is for sure. Unstoppable chose Zilliqa. If Unstoppable can build anywhere, then why did they do it on Zilliqa? Because they like Zilliqa’s culture, tools, and other things. The bottom line is quality attracts quality. 

Best part is ZIL is available for US investors too. It is available on Binance.US and we have a special deal with them going on right now. You can get whitelisted for the Cristiano Ronaldo first official NFT collection? You can receive his free souvenir NFT and earn $500 on Binance.US. Just click this link and check it out.

Coin 2: KDA

Kadena is a Proof of Work blockchain. They are working to become a better version of Bitcoin. Better by being faster and more scalable. All while being just as secure and decentralized. Kadena is faster and more scalable than Bitcoin because it uses the 2 chain model. We’ve seen this before in a few places like:

  • Polkadot’s main chain and parachains.
  • Cosmos Hub and its Layer 1 chains.
  • Avalanche with its P-Chain and C-Chain.

The 2nd chain model allows for apps to develop on their own without bogging down the entire chain. One chain on Kadena is just for app building. The other is for security and speed. This main chain is called Chainweb. Chainweb uses sharding for speed and scalability. Sharding, if you recall, is the end goal of Ethereum for scaling. And like a couple of other chains like Near, Kadena already has it.

This is an amazing combination of PoW decentralization and security along with the speed of sharding. It’s like the best of what both PoW and PoS protocols can offer.

So, our friends at Binance.US list Kadena for those wanting an alternative to Bitcoin. Even our American subscribers can go get it thanks to this listing. Click on this link to get started and get some bonuses.

Coin 3: ASTR

Astar is a promising project that’s been on our radar for a while. You know we like what Polkadot is doing. And we like many of the projects on their parachains. So, Astar is no exception. Astar’s goal is to bring smart contracts to many chains.

The 2nd most popular multichain platforms EVM and WASM are both covered by Astar already. And this covers most multichain activity. That AND it’s compatible with Polkadot too.

Astar has a very active ecosystem too. So far DeFi is dominating Astar’s dApps. But there are also a couple of games and an NFT marketplace among the top apps too. The NFT marketplace is the multichain tofuNFT market.

That said, it’s still early. Very early. Among Polkadot parachains, they are one of the farthest along on their project compared to other early parachain projects.

Coin 4: BOSON

Our last coin for you today is a little bit of a wildcard. It’s newer and smaller than the other projects. Yet it has a bright future in one of crypto’s best sectors. Payments. And the payments coin we are talking about is BOSON.

BOSON calls itself the first ‘decentralized storefront’. So that tells you right away they are shooting for e-commerce in Web3. A decentralized Shopify.

They also fit in well with one of our favorite growing narratives in crypto for 2023. Real World Assets (RWA). The tokenization of real world assets will be a huge deal in crypto. And we are only at the beginning. Before the first inning, I’d say.

Aside from e-commerce storefronts, BOSON lets you tokenize a physical asset. That asset becomes digitized and is now in a rNFT (redeemable NFT format). This rNFT is something you can buy, sell or trade.

More About BOSON

We’ve seen this in some of the more advanced phygital NFT projects where the physical item and the NFT showing its digital ownership are linked. In the better projects, the NFT adds utility instead of just being a digital receipt of purchase and ownership. BOSON gives added utility to its NFTs by making them programmable. For example, maybe you have to complete a task in order to get full ownership of the item.

And while this often happens with games, it’s happening more and more with real-world items too. It’s selling real-world assets by smart contracts. And without any middlemen. Pretty cool huh? BOSON and all 4 coins we talked about today are available on Binance.US. We have a special deal with them going on right now.

Did you know that you can get whitelisted for the Cristiano Ronaldo first official NFT collection? You can receive his free souvenir NFT and earn $500 on Binance.US. Just click this link and check it out.

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