How Important is the BscScan?

Blockchain explorers play a significant role in blockchain technology’s transparency.  A block explorer is a web application that lets you look up information about a blockchain in the present and the past, including information about blocks, transactions, addresses, and more.

In this case, we will look for BscScan. Is an on-chain explorer for the BNB Chain. It was developed by the team responsible for Etherscan and is the blockchain explorer of Binance Smart Chain. The title “block explorer” only partially captures the capabilities of this application, which now includes a wide range of features and services. In this article, you will learn more about this web3 tool.

What is BscScan?

The Binance Smart Chain community has expanded to one of the biggest crypto communities. And the BscScan is one of the tools that community members widely use. Here are some things to note about the BscScan.

BscScan is fundamentally not all that different from any other blockchain explorer for the cryptocurrency one wants to monitor. Based on a Binance Academy release, here are some things you can do with the BscScan:

  1. Look up transactions and check their progress.

2. See the latest blocks added to the blockchain.

3. Check the balance of wallets and any transactions they have made.

4. Search for, read, and interact with smart contracts deployed to the blockchain.

5. Research the supply of tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

6. Monitor DeFi projects built on the Binance Smart Chain.


So, the BscScan is a good guide for anyone new to the blockchain. Users can easily troubleshoot simple issues and concerns if they understand how to use them. For instance, understanding how to search for a smart contract on BscScan is useful for people who use dApps. Such users can see if their smart contracts are verified and engage directly with them If the DApp’s API is inaccessible.

BscScan’s transaction lookup process is similar to that of other block explorers. You can get the necessary information from the transaction ID, or any wallet address used in a transaction.

Who Owns the BscScan?

The team behind EtherScan developed the BscScan on behalf of the Binance Smart Chain Community.

BscScan Vs. EtherScan Comparison

BscScan’s visual interface is remarkably similar to Etherscan’s since both applications were created by the same team. Newbies can easily understand both tools. However, both services differ in a few ways.

First, Etherescan supports more wallets than BscScan. Etherscan supports about seven wallets, while the BscScan supports 4 wallets. Etherscan also has more categories than BscScan. Moreover, Etherscan has the advantages of Crypto APIs and Blockchain APIs.

What is the BscScan API?

The BscScan Developer APIs is a service developed to grant developers equal access to blockchain data and empower them with direct access to BscSan’s block explorer data and services.

BscScan and NFTs

BscScan is completely compatible with NFTs since it enables users to track ERC-721 tokens. Binance Smart Chain is already home to several NT projects as creators seek to leverage its low fees and superior efficiency. BscScan allows its users to search for their NFTs using the transaction hash, an NFT smart contract, or their wallet address.

However, users would need to link to a marketplace supporting the NFT token standard as the blockchain explorer is unable to show an art found within the NFT. So, the BscScan would simply show the token ID, transaction history, and the NFT project.

Also, the BcsScan is nonetheless a useful tool both for experienced and new traders. It provides unique insight into the market and performance of certain tokens. However, the market is highly unpredictable. This means doing your research is the best guarantee.

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