how to bridge avax to bnb chain

Bridging AVAX to BNB Chain doesn’t demand much. You will simply need to find a bridging protocol to move your assets from the Avalanche C Chain to the BNB Chain. There are several options you can consider.

It is best to use bridging protocols like Synapse and other decentralized interoperability apps that allow DeFi users to swap stablecoins from AVAX to BNB Chain or other blockchains. Let’s discover some bridges to do this transaction.

1) Synapse Protocol

For example, the Synapse protocol supports up to 16 chains, including both L1s and L2s networks such as BNB Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Polygon, Ethereum, and Optimism.

Synapse has witnessed much growth, especially between those bridging from AVAX to BNB. The cross-chain bridge enables the transfer of assets between blockchains smoothly. The platform mainly solves the problem of cross-chain interoperability through activities like asset transfers and swapping. Developers can also use this protocol to build useful cross-chain apps such as cross-chain DEXs, derivative markets, and landing platforms.


As mentioned earlier, bridging AVAX to BNB Chain takes a short time and requires no technical knowledge. Here are a few steps to note;

  1. You have to hold USDC or USDT in your Metamask wallet (Avalanche Mainnet)
  2. Go to the Synapse Bridge.
  3. Click on the bridge icon and select AVAX and BNB as the two protocols.
  4. Select the stablecoin you want to bridge and specify the amount.
  5. Bridge the asset from AVAX to BNB.

Source: Synapse Bridge.

It is important to note that there are fees attached to this process. However, bridging assets from BNB to AVAX costs less than bridging from Avax to BNB. This is because fees on the Binance Smart Chain are slightly lower than the Avalanche C-chain.

You can easily use a decentralized trading platform like Trader Joe to swap BNB for AVAX tokens on the Avalanche C Chain. You only have to find the AVAX token on their website, then exchange your BNB tokens for it at the market price.

2) Router Protocol

Router Protocol is a cross-chain bridge allowing easy chain swaps across siloed blockchain ecosystems. This protocol is integrated with Avalanche, allowing for cross-chain transfers and swaps between Polygon, BNB Chain, and Avalanche C-chain. Here’s how to bridge assets from AVAX to BNB Chain on Router. For this example, we’ll swap AXAV from the Avalanche network to BNB on the BNB Chain network:

  1. Go to the Router swap page
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Indicate that you are moving AVAX from Avalanche to BNB Chain.
  4. This protocol charges a fee for the transaction. However, you can decide to pay in AVAX, ROUTE (native token), USDC, and DFYN. But, paying the network fees in ROUTE is the cheapest option. Click on the “Fee Token” icon to select your preference

5. Hit the swap button and confirm the gas fee. The swap takes place in less than a few minutes.

3) Changelly

Changelly is another bridge that helps to move assets from AVAX to BNB Chain. this bridge operates an anonymous crypto exchange. As a result, this means your identity is kept safe, where no verifications are needed. Some of the wallets that support Changelly include Trezor, Edge, Ledger, and Exodus. Changelly is also backed by the team behind MinerGate.

Therefore, bridging assets on Changelly is pretty straightforward. The fees vary due to price volatility. Here’s how to bridge assets on Changelly.

  1. Go to Changelly.
  2. Select the token you want to bridge, which in this case is AVAX to BNB Chain.

3. Paste in your address

4. Confirm the details

5. The window below will pop up, showing the address you’ll send the AVAX.

Then, copy the address to your MetaMask or any other wallet and send the AVAX. Moreover, once Changelly receives the AVAX, the screen below will pop up. Your BNB will arrive to your wallet shortly.

Overall, we encourage you to closely research these protocols before making any investment.

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