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MEXC Exchange is a platform that is boosting its organic engagement over time. And it has many great features like P2P trading, SWIFT bank wires, ETFs, and a launchpad, among others. But, it’s the first full-service regulated exchange in the US and Australia with more than 2,000 crypto assets available.

So right now, Altcoin Buzz and MEXC are launching their latest giveaway so anyone can win up to $6,699, among other benefits. You only have to follow the rules that this article will give you.

Win Four Benefits by Participating in this Exclusive MEXC – Altcoin Buzz Giveaway

Nowadays, all of the great crypto projects are down 50-80% in the last 6 months. Therefore, this is a great moment for you to diversify your portfolio. Now imagine having the possibility to do this for free and earn up to 6,699 in USDT bonuses. Yes, this is real, you only have to get into this link.

Moreover, these are all the bonuses that you can win for participating in this giveaway:

1) Win Up to 4,100 USDT Bonus

After you open an account at MEXC Exchange, you can enjoy any of the three-level of bonuses:

      • Bonus 1: Up to $100 for your deposits, spot & futures trading. Here is how you can do it:

MEXC bonuses

      • Bonus 2: $1,000 futures bonus for you as a new user. You have to complete easy tasks over at this link to earn up to $1,000 USDT. 
      • Bonus 3: $3,000 & 30% off of futures trading fees for your net deposit & futures trading. If you’re trading a bigger volume, then you can deposit $100,000 USDT in the first 7 days after registration and win $3,000 + save 30% on your Future Trading fees. Here’s the table of how you can win $3,000:

bonus trading

Note: The deposit amount for this bonus cannot be carried over from other MEXC deposit bonuses.

Moreover, here’s the table of how you can save 30% on your future trading fees:

MEXC future trading fees

Note: Future trading fees discounts cannot be stacked.

2) $2,500 Lucky Draw Giveaway

All you need is a bit of luck, at least $1,000 USDT deposit and your Spot Trading Volume $3,000+ USDT or Futures Trading Volume $10,000+ USDT. Then you can win one of ten lucky draws worth $250 USDT each.

To earn it, you need to:

      • Open a new MEXC account and send your MEXC UID and Telegram to our Altcoin Buzz Twitter account
      • Fund the account within 7 days. Your deposit and trading levels determine how much extra money you can earn in bonuses.
      • Start trading when you finish funding the account.
      • You follow the Terms & Conditions.

Finally, you can learn how to deposit, trade the spot market, and trade futures now.

3) Access to the Altcoin Buzz Access Pro

Nowadays, Altcoin Buzz has a paid membership group called Altcoin Buzz Access where you will find research tips so you can detect very early crypto projects. It starts from $99 per month.

Altcoin Buzz is a research firm that has been spotting crypto gems since 2017. For example,  we detected BNB when it was $7, ENJ when it was $0.04, and MATIC when it was $0.03, among other gems.

However, if you participate in this giveaway, you can get free access to this platform with the following benefits:

  • 2 Undervalued Gem Calls/ month
  • 25+ Technical Analysis Calls/ month
  • NFT Mint Calls
  • Top IDO Calls (As available)
  • Airdrops (As available)
  • Access to private chat groups
  • Available researchers to have direct chat with them.

Note: Once you open a new MEXC account, send your MEXC UID to our Twitter account. So we can start your membership.

4) 10% Lifetime Discount on MEXC Trading Fees: This is an exclusive benefit for people who participate in this giveaway. Only by registering via this exclusive page, you will get a lifetime 10% discount on your trading fees.

How to Participate in the Altcoin Buzz – MEXC Giveaway

To win up to $6,699 in rewards, you will need to:

  • Sign up for the MEXCs website.
  • Deposit funds: Depending on how much money you deposit, you can have the opportunity to have +$100 in rewards. Also, there are 2 other different kinds of bonuses previously describes at the beginning of this article. To deposit funds, you have to:
    • Log into your MEXC account.
    • Go to the “Buy Crypto” option in the top bar of the website.
    • Chose between the different deposit options: P2P trading, global bank transfer, third-party payment, and PUSH.
  • Start spot or for futures trading: Once you have your funds on your account, you have to place them on your spot or futures trading. You can end up winning up to $4,100 in rewards for depositing in future trading and also having up to 30% fewer fees.

Win $6,699 worth of bonuses in exclusive MEXC & Altcoin Buzz Giveaway! Find out more here.

For more cryptocurrency news, check out the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.

Find the most undervalued gems, up-to-date research and NFT buys with Altcoin Buzz Access. Join us for $99 per month now.

The information discussed by Altcoin Buzz is not financial advice. This is for educational, entertainment, and informational purposes only. Any information or strategies are thoughts and opinions relevant to the accepted levels of risk tolerance of the writer/reviewers and their risk tolerance may be different than yours. We are not responsible for any losses that you may incur as a result of any investments directly or indirectly related to the information provided. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments so please do your due diligence. This article has been sponsored by MEXC. Copyright Altcoin Buzz Pte Ltd.


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