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Sending money to anyone, anywhere in the world today should be a breeze. That is if you’re not using banks or money remittance companies. These are too slow and costly.

Hey, we’re already living in the age of crypto! So, keep up with the times and read on. Today, we’ll show you how to send money worldwide with Solana’s very own dApp GetCode.

What Is the GetCode Wallet?

Simply put, GetCode is a crypto wallet Decentralized Application (dApp). Code helps anyone to send money to anyone worldwide. With GetCode, users can create “Bills” on their mobile phones. These bills emulate the function of real cash. With this, bills can be transferred from sender to recipient. Said modes of transfer include:

  • Scanning the bill using your phone camera,
  • Sending an image of the bill, or;
  • Sending a link to click on.


So, who’s behind this revolutionary dApp? The GetCode wallet was developed by a company called Code Inc. It’s the same company behind the messaging app Kik. Back in 2017, Code Inc. raised $100 million from its ICO for the $KIN token.

However, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Code Inc. It alleges that Code Inc’s $KIN token was a security. By holding an ICO to sell $KIN tokens, Code Inc. did not comply with the SEC’s laws and regulations. In the end, the case was ruled in favor of the SEC. Code Inc. had to pay a $5 million fine to the SEC.

Despite the regulatory pressure, Code Inc. did not waver. Instead, the team grew stronger and came back to the crypto market with the Code wallet. In turn, Code Inc. also brought the $KIN token back to life. Indeed, the $KIN token now serves as a utility token for the Code dApp. By acting as a medium of exchange on the Solana blockchain, $KIN is akin to the blood of the Code network.

Next, we look at the main features of this wallet, and why you should try it out.

Main Features of the Code Wallet dApp

In the earlier section, we mentioned the importance of $KIN for the Code wallet. This stems from $KIN’s ability to facilitate payments across the globe. Let’s take a look at how this works:

  1. A user sends USD fiat from the USA to a recipient in Japan.
  2. This USD fiat converts to $KIN on the Solana blockchain.
  3. Then, $KIN is sent to the recipient from Japan.
  4. Said $KIN then converts to Japanese Yen for its recipient in Japan.

Wow! Even Michael Arrington is singing praises for the Code wallet dApp. Aside from leveraging Solana’s technology, Code has other features that appeal to users too. These comprise of:

  • An attractive and seamless user experience and interface (UI/UX).
  • Support for over 100+ fiat currencies.
  • Enhanced privacy for its users by hiding balances and transaction histories.

With the above features, Code Wallet can serve a vast global market. Looks like Code is gearing up for success in the P2P payments market. Now, I know you can’t wait to see how the dApp works! That’s coming up next.

How to Send Money Worldwide With Code Wallet

There are three main methods you can send money worldwide with Code Wallet.

Method #1 – Scanning a Bill

You can scan a picture of a bill generated with the dApp. Let’s say Alice wants to pay Bob $5. She will generate a $5 bill (like the one shown in the below tweet). Next, Bob uses his phone to scan the $5 bill from Alice’s phone. Voila! Bob receives the $5 on his Code wallet.

Alright. You can stop trying to scan Michael’s $5 bill. I bet it’s already claimed by someone else. But, you can see the beauty of this technology. Even by posting an image of the bill online, you can pay anyone in the world.

Method #2 – Sending a Picture of the Bill

With the Code dApp, you can send a picture of the bill to your recipient too. This can be done through any messaging app, like WhatsApp or Facebook. This helps if your recipient might not be beside you to scan your bill.

Code Wallet - Sending Bill
Source: GetCode
Method #3 – Sending a CashLink

Instead of sending a bill image, you could also choose to send a CashLink. The tweet below shows a working CashLink. By clicking on the link, a recipient can receive money. It’s pretty similar to Method #2, except you click on a link instead of a bill image.


We’ve come to the end of our article on Code Wallet. All in all, we love the UI/UX and simplicity of the product. It’s very easy to use, and it supports a ton of fiat currencies. So, anyone in the world with a smartphone can use Code.

However, Code is only available for Apple mobile phones as of now. The Android version of the dApp is still in work. So, if you’d like to try out the wallet, you can check it out here.

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