how to use the edge wallet

Did you know that Edge Wallet is one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets available today? Edge wallet is a unique mobile multicurrency wallet available for Android and iOS devices.

The edge wallet is one of the foremost mobile wallets available today. Equipped with top-notch security features, it is also well-known for its user-friendly and intuitive interface.

What is the Edge Wallet?

Launched in 2014 As “AirBitz”, the company was known as a wallet strictly for Bitcoin (BTC). Over time, AirBitz rebranded as Edge Wallet and expanded its services to include Bitcoin and several other Altcoins. As previously disclosed, Edge wallet is a unique wallet specially designed for mobile devices. With Edge, users can safely store, exchange, and trade their cryptocurrencies. This is made possible due to the in-built buy, sell, and exchange features.

The Wallet also employs unique security features when compared to conventional crypto wallets. Instead of providing its users with a unique seed phrase, Edge instead gives them the opportunity to create their own username and password. However, users are advised to also enable 2FA security to further safeguard their assets in the wallet.

This article contains an in-depth overview of and a step-by-step guide on how to use the Edge Wallet.

Details About Edge Wallet
  • Supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Stellar, Binance Coin (BNB), Litecoin (LTC), Monero, Tezos, Bitcoin Gold, Fathom (FTM), etc.
  • Ease of Use, Intuitive, and User-friendly interface
  • Unique advanced security features make it possible for users to be totally in charge of their private keys.
How to Use The Edge Wallet
  1. The first step to using the Edge wallet is to download the wallet either from the Google Playstore or from the Apple Store.
  2. Once downloaded, you will need to set up the wallet app. To do this you need to;
    • Open the Edge wallet app and Click on the ‘Create Account’ icon. In the event that you already have an Edge wallet account, you can simply sign in with your username and password.

Edge Wallet

    • After clicking on the ‘Create Wallet’ icon, you have to choose a username.

Edge Wallet

    • Once done, Click on ‘Next’. Then, input your new Password and confirm the password.
    • Next, you need to create a four (4) digit pin, accept the terms of use, and your wallet account is online.

Edge Wallet Terms of Service

Note: it is advisable to write down your wallet details (Username, Password, and Pin) in a secure location to prevent the loss of your assets/funds.
  1. Once you have your active account, the next step is to Add in your Preferred wallet to the account. That is the wallet for the particular crypto or set of cryptocurrencies you will like to hold. All you need to do is to Select the crypto from the list of supported cryptocurrencies below.
    • For this example, I will be creating an Ethereum (ETH) wallet.
    • I click on the ETH icon and Click on the ‘Next’ icon and I have created an Ethereum (ETH) wallet on Edge.

Edge Wallet 1

    • You can also simply create more wallets by clicking on the ‘+Add Wallet’ icon or Add tokens to the newly created wallet by clicking on the ‘+Add Token’ icon.

In conclusion, this wallet introduces a secure, hitch-free, and easy-to-use way to store, exchange, buy, and sell cryptocurrencies. According to the wallet’s official website, its vision is to ensure “Digital sovereignty for all”.

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