Huge Enjin (ENJ) Ecosystem Updates

The NFT space has continued to make extraordinary progress, with Enjin (ENJ) arguably paving the way to achieving global adoption of the NFT space.

The popular Enjin (ENJ) NFT platform has made remarkable progress in recent times. Its JumpNet blockchain currently boasts of being carbon-negative and has announced plans to launch smart contracts.

This article covers in detail several of Enjin’s recent partnerships, updates, and events that are further helping to strengthen its ecosystem.

1 – JumpNet to Launch Smart Contracts

JumpNet is the fast, secure, eco-friendly, and gas-free blockchain built on Enjin. The eco-friendly platform has announced plans to support the launch of smart contracts. This means that smart contract developers (blockchain game developers inclusive) will have access to top-notch support from the gasless and carbon-negative platform.

With JumpNet, blockchain game developers will be able to build the next generation of blockchain games in a gas-free and affordable manner. These games will be built to be user-focused. Therefore, providing real value to players in a scalable and eco-friendly manner. With the environmental impact of blockchain technology becoming a major issue today, it is laudable that Enjin (ENJ) was able to build JumpNet and Efinity, its eco-friendly blockchain platforms.

Ethereum currently generates an estimated 13 million tons of carbon annually (and the last two months have seen an increase). JumpNet, on the other hand, makes it possible for developers to mint NFTs and develop smart contracts with zero carbon emissions.

Supporting the launch of smart contracts is a step in the right direction for Enjin’s JumpNet blockchain. With it, developers will be able to launch their own ERC-20 tokens as well as develop other amazing minting techniques.

Some of the games on Enjin include Forest Knight with Ether Legends gearing to go live on JumpNet.

2 – Enjin | Health Hero to Launch NFT-Powered Wellness App

Health is Wealth!

Health Hero, in partnership with Enjin, has revealed plans to launch an NFT-powered wellness application. According to the official announcement, the NFT wellness app will be integrated into both TikTok and Facebook Messenger. Therefore, providing users with personalized ENJ-based ERC-1155 NFTs to track their wellness progress. Users will also receive NFTs as incentives for participating in healthy activities. These NFTs can be traded on several marketplaces like Opensea and EnjinX. Furthermore, plans are also in place to launch the Health Hero personalized wellness metaverse dubbed Health Hero City. Players will also be able to easily trade their NFTs in this metaverse when it launches.

The founder of Health Hero, Anthony Diaz, also pointed out that Health Hero is “[…] serious about community, well-being”. Also adding the wellness platform will “[…] aim to help people in the simplest, most fun, and most rewarding way possible.”

3 – Integrates ENJ Tokens, known for its focus on revolutionizing the way buying with crypto is carried out, has announced the strategic listing of ENJ tokens. Now, shopping on popular e-commerce platforms like Walmart, eBay, and Amazon will attract a 2% discount for ENJ holders. Notably,’s native token, SPI, will attract a 12% discount.

4 – BitStamp Lists ENJ Tokens

Popular crypto exchange BitStamp has announced the listing of ENJ tokens. The listing took place on August 23, 2021, and supported trading pairs include ENJ/USD and ENJ/EUR.

On August 23, the deposit and withdrawal feature was launched but trading was not yet followed. This launch was followed by the post-only mode on August 24, 2021, where interested persons could create or cancel limit orders.

Lastly, once sufficient liquidity is achieved on the order books, full trading will commence.

5 – Enjin | Blockster to Launch NFTs

Blockster has announced a strategic partnership with Enjin (ENJ) to facilitate the launch of its first-ever NFTs. The NFTs will be offered to Blockster users as free collectibles. Notably, the NFTs will be distributed to the first set of participants to join Blockster.

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