Huge! Uptrennd Is Entering De-Fi

Uptrennd, the popular blockchain-based social network platform is now entering the De-Fi space! Jeff Kirdeikis, CEO Uptrennd, recently announced that Uptrennd will roll out multiple De-Fi implementations (one per week) in the coming future. Also, the platform will enter into multiple De-Fi partnerships.

Some of the planned De-Fi features include

  • Fixed APY Staking
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Staking rewards based on network activity

This comes as no surprise as Jeff recently launched his second project, TrustSwap. It is a complete DeFi Ecosystem which includes crypto subscriptions, escrow, token sale launchpad, time-release, event-based payments, cross-chain, wrapping as a service, etc. It is just a matter of time that the best practices from TrustSwap are leveraged on Uptrennd to create a win-win scenario.

Along with De-Fi, Uptrennd is making big moves in other areas:

  • Android and iOS mobile apps are under testing. It will hopefully launch in two months
  • A big exchange will list 1UP
  • Direct FIAT onramp to 1UP tokens embedded on Uptrennd
  • Ongoing recruitment for more front-end and back-end developers and support staff for business development and marketing
  • Uptrennd is also actively raising capital
  • Partnership with one of the biggest decentralized media player

Details about Jeff’s post can be found in the article, Uptrennd Update

This news might result in drastic improvement of the 1UP token utility. Uptrenned’s 1UP Token price has seen a 30X Price movement since December’19

About Uptrennd

Uptrennd is an incentive-based social media platform. The platform pays users for creating posts, commenting, sharing content, and engaging with sponsored content. Read more about the project in this article, Uptrennd Overview: The One-Up Social Media

Check out the recent Altcoin Buzz video about Uptrennd below



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