In December 2018, IronX Exchange launched its beta version. Now, it has finally gone public. 

Created by the Cyprus-based broker IronFX in partnership with EmurgoHK Group, the creator of Cardano, has multiple functions in store. It enables retail and institutional investors to exchange traditional fiat, cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, equities, and other tradable assets. Any trader can pre-register, receive KYC approval as well as 10 IRX. The users will be able to trade in both fiat (USD, EUR, and JPY) and multiple cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, IRX, PMA, ADA, EOS, LTC, NEO, XLM, XRP and XTZ).

The users will enjoy a number of benefits. For example, a 50% discount on trading fees paid in IRX, high-grade security and data protection etc.

The launch follows a sale of IRX tokens. According to the company, it managed to raise  $26.0 million from crypto investors and $22.3 million privately. The exchange obtained a license to operate in Estonia. Currently, it is looking to receive another one in Gibraltar. The company also notes that it has recently completed a security audit from Hosho and Hacken.

“We are delighted with our public launch, which commences today and gives investors access to the IronX platform. As promised, our platform users will be offered a 50% discount for trading fees paid with IRX tokens in frames of the IRX Loyalty Program. They will also have access to cryptocurrency and fiat pairings. We are planning to add more features to our platform on the later stages, together with an increased number of listed cryptocurrencies,” said IronX CEO Dimitris Hatzis.

Besides, IronX has also stated that it is ready to add PumaPay Token to its cryptocurrency platform. Its advantage is that it allows companies to take cryptocurrency payments from the wallets of customers.

Exchanges gearing up

It has been a busy week for multiple exchanges on the crypto market. Most recently, Huobi Prime managed to raise a whopping sum of $3.4 million within seconds. 

However, not all exchanges have good news for the crypto community. Thus DragonEx, the Singapore-based exchange, is still tasting the bitter fruits of a cryptoheist that occurred last week.

On a different note, EmurgoHK Group’s Cardano has received praise from Weiss Ratings.


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