KuCoin Launches KuCoinPlay

KuCoin has officially launched KuCoinPlay, a support system for blockchain projects.

Users who support cryptocurrency-related are also eligible to win mouth-watering prices. This is according to a post on KuCoin’s official Twitter handle. Top-performing users will be rewarded via competitions and giveaways.

To partake in the contest, users will need to lend active support to their most preferred blockchain project. That said, all KuCoin users can participate.

The exchange initially launched a beta version of KuCoinPlay last year. This version turned out to be highly successful with lots of token and crypto giveaways recorded on the platform. Consequently, more activities on the official platform will soon take place. Especially, after the launch of several new crypto exchanges in the market.

To celebrate the launch, KuCoin is carrying out its biggest crypto giveaway yet. Members will receive one million USDT as rewards. The giveaway will span from January 10, 2020, to February 10, 2020.

More on the giveaway

The selection will include about 550 users, however, the best 500 will be the ones to receive 1000 USDT each. 50 randomly chosen users will receive 10,000 USDT each. To qualify for this reward, users must complete at least one of the campaign tasks.

KuCoinPlay is the one-stop-shop for anything crypto marketing. It is also known as the best viral crypto marketing platform with over 20 years of gamification experience.  It also encourages users to compete among themselves to help facilitate marketing activities. The more users participate, the more likely they are to win attractive prizes.

This implies all clients can partake directly by gaining points that will qualify them for attractive prizes. Simultaneously, projects will benefit from all the additional exposure and active crypto users by publicizing KuCoinPlay campaign.

Users also do not need to complete KYC verification to participate in the giveaway. Referring others will also help increase possible earnings. KuCoinPlay plans to mitigate all forms of cheating during the giveaway. To ensure this it has put in place several anti-bot measures.

KuCoinPlay will announce winners via a general notification and also directly via email.

In other news, KuCoin recently launched the lite version of Kumez Futures Platform


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