Kucoin Adds Social Trading Signals

Cryptocurrency exchange platform KuCoin has added several social trading features on its mobile app.

According to a press release, these features will provide KuCoin users with an easy-to-use and improved trading experience. The social trading features will also help the crypto exchange meet the demands of its rapidly growing users. KuCoin wants to create a trading environment that is easy to use even for beginners and newcomers.

The recently launched social trading features can be found in Kucoin S. Invited users can get a feel of these truly amazing features on Kucoin S before its official launch on the KuCoin mobile app. The launch of social trading features is a step in the right direction for Kucoin. Its vision is to encourage crypto adoption among the masses. The crypto exchange is focusing on exploring the barriers of market entry for the average person. Its launch of social trading features will also help the ordinary man overcome most of these barriers.

Speaking on the announcement, Johnny LYU, CEO of KuCoin, disclosed that a major focus in the crypto space has been on “[…] building better tools to improve the interaction between humans and protocols.” Also adding that, “[…] the lack of interactions between users has led to the increasing educational costs and slow pace of popularization of the industry, hence creating obstacles for mass adoption.”

About KuCoin S

The launch of Kucoin S will help combine both social and trading features. This, in turn, will help simplify crypto trading. It brings KuCoin closer to achieving its goal of being the largest social trading platform in the blockchain and crypto space.

With KuCoin S, interested persons will have unrestricted access to real-time crypto news. The news comes from Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms. Users will also be able to:

  • discover new listings
  • learn more about investors
  • communicate with community leaders,
  • discuss trading secrets with others,
  • AND more

Apart from cultivating socialization with other community members, KucoinS will also provide newcomers to the crypto space with the ability to make better investment decisions. They will have access to important features like copy trading, fast buy, portfolio check, etc.

KuCoin has also disclosed plans to completely revamp its UI. The exchange is looking to incorporate a UI that is more in sync with Gen Z users. Inspired by “Futurism” the exchange has made changes to its colors, interface, graphics, etc.

For now, access to the social trading features is only possible by invitation. The crypto exchange plans to send out more invitations to users over the next couple of months. The KuCoin S platform will officially roll out to all users later this year.

KCS Price

At the time of writing, KCS was trading at $14.74 with a market cap of $1,138,407,733 and a 24-hour trading volume of $20,989,458. The token price is also up by 1.7% in the last 24 hours.

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