kyberswap multichain integration

The future is multichain. We’ve said that here a jillion times by now. But it’s true. Interoperability is here to stay. And one of the best Dexes for moving between chains, Kyberswap is even more multichain now. Kyberswap is adding its integration with Multichain.

Multichain, which was Anyswap, has more than 2000 bridges across 69 chains. And now Kyberswap’s DEX will be available to swap or bridge assets across all of these chains. Kyberswap’s goal is to be the only DEX you need regardless of which chains you prefer to use.

Bridges can be difficult to use at times and are often considered a soft spot in security making them a target for hackers. But this new integration brings one of the leaders, Multichain, into one of the best integrated DEXes in crypto. In fact, Kyberswap has integrations ‘Powered by Kyberswap’ with more than 100 different projects totaling over $11 billion in transactions. As a DEX and an aggregator, you can get the best prices swapping tokens across 13 chains and 67 DEXes.

What The Projects Had to Say On the New Integration

“The future will be multi-chain, and bridges will be necessary to enable chains to be connected. We are happy to support KyberSwap as a Web3.0 infrastructure, giving their users the chance to have cross-chain experience that are more affordable, swifter, more secure.” – Said Multichain Co-founder Zhaojun

We could not agree more. Unless every chain is going to build a virtual machine, bridges are going to be the way to move your tokens across different chains. And with 2 projects that believe in interoperability like Kyber and Multichain, this is a natural fit that benefits them both.

Kyber Network CEO Victor Tran had this to add:

“This integration takes us a step closer to a reality of making decentralized finance easy and accessible for all with KyberSwap as the only DEX you need to use. Already, users have the best swap rates through KyberSwap. Now we have eliminated the need for external dApps for bridging and cross-chain swapping.” 

Price Activity

Kyber’s $KNC token is down slightly at 92c with a circulating supply of just under 165 million and a total supply of 223 million. That gives it a market value of $153 million and a rank #201 in crypto. Multichain’s $MULTI token is trading at $4.62 with a circulating supply of just over 18 million and a total supply of 100 million. That gives it a market value of $84.6 million and a rank #288 of all crypto projects.

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