KyberSwap has been busy as usual. As a huge DEX aggregator, they provide quotes, liquidity, and behind-the-scenes activity for many of the most popular swap sites in crypto. They’ve processed billions in transactions and just keep growing. In the last few weeks, they’ve added lots of new integrations. There are more platforms using Kyberswap to get the best prices for their customers.

Let’s see who Kyberswap is working with now.

0x Integration

First up, we have 0x. 0x provides exchange/trading infrastructure to help make trading faster and cheaper and order books more organized. The 0x integration means DEXes that use 0x for either Ethereum or Polygon market trades get more liquidity and better pricing.

Integral Integration

Integral is a DEX that uses TWAP or Time Weighted Average Price in its pricing for trades and swaps. With Kyberswap, Integral gets more liquidity on both the new Arbitrum chain and Ethereum to get better rates for customers.

FactorDAO Integration

Also on Arbitrum, FactorDAO helps cultivate DeFi projects like Camelot DEX. This integration, like Integral, is done through APIs. And like Integral, it gives more liquidity overall to Arbitrum.

CamelotDEX Integration

Speaking of Camelot, we have an integration there too. It’s the biggest native DEX on Arbitrum. Notice a theme here with Arbitrum getting huge and more protocols on it needing the liquidity the Kyberswap provides?

EasyFi Integration

EasyFi is a DeFi protocol that does decentralized margin trading. Remember margin trading is where you borrow to have more money to trade. But it carries higher risks and we don’t recommend anyone who is not an expert at trading try it. It runs on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. Margin traders need liquidity too. That’s so they can borrow. And now Kyberswap gives them more liquidity to trade while investors earn more.


Opencord is a Web3 social network for DAOs and other decentralized apps to communicate with each other and with their fans/token holders. Since it is working to be a home base for these apps, having added features like swapping within their app is a natural fit. So that’s how Kyberswap is helping OpenCord.

Algalon AI

Algalon AI uses AI and blockchain together for a seamless DeFi experience. In fact, Algalon works in smart contract development and other tools to help build dApps. Their tools help with NFT creation, auditing code, or adding GPT to your app. Builders can build with Algalon and get swapping built in thanks to this integration.

CVL Network

CVL Network is a DeFi ecosystem and wallet. They have a p2p platform and arbitrage algorithm traders can use. They even have a fiat on-ramp and off-ramp. And here as part of its trading services, CVL users can swap with this integration.

In crypto generally, every integration and partnership increases the value of the project. In KyberSwap case it also helps to bring more trading and liquidity to the platform.

Plus you can also stop loosing money on DEX exchange fees. All you need to do it to give KyberSwap a try. As an aggregator they will scout for you the best swap prices from 13+ chains and 70+ DEXs. Feel free to try it out today!

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