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According to CryptoRank, Seedify is in the Top 10 launchpads of the entire ecosystem, currently having a 41.04x ROI with USD 956 million in marketcap. On the other hand, BinStarter’s native token, $BSR, has a fully diluted valuation of USD 357 million and a total supply of 84.7 million tokens.

Nowadays, Seedify supports three of the most used blockchains in the ecosystem to develop a game: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Meanwhile, BinStarter also supports blockchains like Solana, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Cardano, and Polygon.

Therefore, if you want to discover the next gaming gem, in this article, you will find why you should keep an eye on “Last Survivor” and how you can get involved with this project via Seedify and BinStarter launchpad.

Discover Last Survivor: The Best Free-to-Earn Battle Royale Metaverse

Last Survivor is the newest free-to-earn battle royale game, fast and easy to play. This metaverse game will be compatible with Android, iOS, and PC.

This game has five gameplay modes:

  • Duo Battle: To compete against other duos, team up with a partner and play as a team.
  • Solo Battle: Be the last one standing by defeating other players.
  • Squad Battle: All participants have the same goal: to eliminate the other players and be the last one standing.
  • Custom Battle: The players will be divided into two teams to destroy the enemy’s base.
  • Multiplayer: Users can connect to play.

Also, users may purchase and trade NFT equipment like weapons and skins to improve their NFT fighters and make them more competitive. In addition, players can buy LAND NFT to create their maps like arenas, which will be voted by the DAO community. If it’s approved, users can rent this map to earn a profit from each battle.

Moreover, according to the roadmap, there will be private and public sales, farming/staking, beta testing, and NFT selling/marketplace.

Last Survivor Roadmap

Source: Last Survivor

On the other hand, Last Survivor has two tokens:

  • $LSC: This is a governance token that will be used for tournaments, NFT marketplace, special events, and staking. Its total supply is 1.2 billion tokens which accomplish the BEP-20 standard.

Also, it’s important to mention that “Last Survivor” has accomplished a private and public token allocation, raising USD 2.6 million and USD 460,800, respectively, representing 20% of the total token supply. Meanwhile, 80% of tokens are distributed in the team, farming, marketing, and liquidity funds.

  • $LSG: This is an in-game token used to reward players for winning battles, quests, tournaments, among other milestones. It has an unlimited total supply that accomplishes the BEP-20 standard.

What is Last Survivor IGO is About?

According to the annoucement, the IGO will be on December 7th-8th on the Seedify and BinStarter Launchpad. Here are the details:

1. Seedify IDO

The Last Survivor IDO in Seedify will have a private-public sale with a token price of $0.012 and $0.015, respectively. Likewise, the private sale will be placed on December 7th and the IGO on December 8th.

Therefore, to actively participate in the Acknoledger IGO in Seedify launchpad, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Pass through a KYC process: With a third-party app, they are using an app called Blockpass.

Note: Countries that prohibit their people from engaging in initial coin offerings (ICOs) won’t be able to participate in Seedify IGOs.

2. Decide your tier: Seedify has a tiered structure in which the more SFUND you have, the larger the size of tokens you receive from Initial Game Offerings.

Note: Certain levels can have extra perks, such as participating in private and seed rounds.

3. Buy $SFUND: You can buy it from exchanges like PancakeswapGate.ioHoo.comBKEX, and Kucoin.

Note: To participate in IGOs, the wallet you supply during the KYC process must be the same wallet you interact with their launchpad smart contract.

Finally, when the IGO day arrives, there are a few easy steps that $SFUND holders should take to be a part of it.

Last Survivor Seedify

Source: Seedify

2. BinStarter IDO

To get involved in the Last Survivor IDO in BinStarter,  you need to register to the whitelist, which will close on December 7th. To do it, you need to:

    • Buy and hold BinStarter’s native Token, $BSR, on PancakeSwap.
    • Accomplish specific tasks and wait for the allocation annoucement.

If you get into the whitelist, you need to stake a certain number of BinStarter’s native tokens, $BSR, to guarantee an allocation in the 6-tier system on December 8th (16:00-19:00 UTC). Therefore here, you can find the requirements of each of the BinStarter tier-system.

Finally, once you reach any tier, you can go to BinStarter’s Launchpad and be an early adopter of Last Survivor.

Also, here are more details of the pool:

Token Type: BEP20
Token Ticker: LSC
Price per Token: $0.015
Total Allocation: $110,000
Vesting Schedule: 30% at TGE, 70% vesting linear over three months
Initial Market Cap: $436,968
Accepted Currency: $BUSD

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