In recent times, we have seen the introduction of innovative technologies in the blockchain ecosystem. However, very few of them focus on helping the exchange in human work.  

Therefore, Human Protocol is one of such interesting blockchain-based protocols. The protocol makes it easier for humans to collaborate between themselves via training machine models. Simply put, HUMAN Protocol provides a decentralized, open-source, and automated platform that boosts human potential in which machines empower human creativity.

Interestingly, this genuinely innovative protocol has announced the launch of its web-based application known as the HUMAN App. The App already has approximately 200,000 users, which will help users work on HUMAN Protocol by sharing it among the available workforce.

HUMAN App – A Gateway Between Human Workforce And HUMAN Protocol

The recently launched application will serve as a link between human work and the Human Protocol. With it, users will complete tasks while earning $HMT tokens for every completed task. The HUMAN App is not only a functional platform, enabling teams to work together to design solutions for their projects.

Nowadays, the HUMAN protocol is currently on the newly launched version.

According to the annoucement, the Tech Director, Harjyot Singh, pointed out that the recently launched App brings the possibilities embedded in HUMAN protocol to light. Adding that, the protocol brings together “[…] hundreds of thousands of users all completing work on the same network via a simple interface that serves as an access point to the permissionless job markets the Protocol enables.”

Also, Singh disclosed that the entire HUMAN ecosystem was thrilled by the successful beta launch. Adding that the success of the beta launch is a pointer to the growing interest in HUMAN Protocol and what it can achieve. On the other hand, here is a step-by-step guide to using the HUMAN App.

More About The HUMAN App

The App is currently working in Polygon and Ethereum. Therefore, there are plans to launch it on other top networks shortly. Only verified accounts can try to withdraw funds via the wallet. Users have to use a third-party app known as Civic identify wallet to verify their accounts.


$HMT Price Outlook

Finally, when writing this article, $HMT was trading at $0.7531 with a 24-hour trading volume of $69,369. The token price is also up by 1.1% in the last 24 hours.

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