Libra Infrastructure Provider Adds Ontology Nodes To its platform
Ontology, a high-performance public blockchain announced its infrastructure integration with Bison Trails. And the partnership is quite important in their roadmap. That is because Bison Trails is an infrastructure provider of Facebook’s Libra.
With this partnership, Ontology (ONT) will make use of the Libra associated Bison Trails, an infrastructure-as-a-service platform. Considered as a strategic partnership, this will bring down the adoption barrier of Ontology nodes. The Ontology nodes are being tested and deployed by many enterprises currently.
With this integration, ONT will be able to meet the actual needs of enterprises, as it will support strong identification and interchain communication. This also adds to the flexibility and trust-lessness of blockchain.
Founders of Ontology on the Partnership
In an exclusive interaction with the Altcoin Buzz team, Li Jun shared, “Unlike many other ‘post-Bitcoin’ blockchains, Ontology has been focused on enterprise and real-world deployment from day one, successfully launching MainNet back in 2018.” And this partnership strengthens Ontology’s stance on the same lines.
Andy Ji, Co-Founder also shared his perspective. He said, “Ontology is focused on providing value by enabling global businesses to collaborate in a secure trusted fashion faster and with fewer costs than ever beforeMeanwhile, as a founding member of the Libra Association, Bison Trails creates an infrastructure to help launch nodes on a range of blockchain networks. In my opinion, Ontology and Bison Trails have similar missions. I feel confident and also delighted that we can jointly bring technology solutions for more enterprises that need blockchain to transform and upgrade.” 
One more step towards enterprise adoption
The network has grown over the years. Currently, it has 49 Triones node operators and 11 consensus node members globally. With the integration, more decentralization of nodes will be enabled. And effectively, the nodes will be more streamlined and better managed. Thus no new enterprises adopting Ontology will face compromises in technical implementation. Neither will they have to incur higher deployment costs.
Bison Trails camp is equally excited about the partnership. In an exclusive interaction with the Altcoin Buzz team, Joe Lallouz, CEO Bison Trails said, ”This year is a really exciting time for blockchain enterprise growth. We’re thrilled to support the Ontology protocol launch and to help secure the network. By creating a cross-chain compatible network that facilitates easy transactions across businesses, Ontology will help drive the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.”
The accomplice will be the first organization to use Ontology for the enterprise. It is an early-stage venture investor’s ecosystem. 
Previously, we covered their ChainLink partnership that secures the smart-contracts.


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