Loom Network has recently announced that its PlasmaChain is now integrated with Tron. With this, Tron becomes the second chain to be integrated into PlasmaChain after Ethereum.

The Vision

Loom Network’s vision is to connect all the major blockchains together — giving developers access to the largest user base, and users access to the largest number of dapps, assets, and services, thereby becoming the most widely used blockchain platform for large-scale games and user-facing applications.

Their criteria for selecting blockchains for integration include:

  • Number of active users
  • PlasmaChain developer demand
  • The rate of growth of new users
  • Ease of integration

 Why Tron?

  • Tron has some of the most widely-used dapps, measured by Daily Active User count.
  • For developers building on Loom, this opens up access to the entire TRON community.
  • As Tron is based on Solidity smart contracts — just like PlasmaChain — which made the integration is fairly straightforward for Loom’s developers to build out.

What does this mean?

Cross-Chain Interoperability is the fastest way to accelerate mass adoption of blockchain tech. A blockchain game developer’s goal is to have access to as many players as possible, so — there’s no reason for developers to silo themselves into one platform or blockchain. Tron user can now directly interact with all dapps built on PlasmaChain, for example, buying a limited-edition TRON-themed Relentless cards (in addition to ETH, BNB, and more).


Loom Network plans to integrate Cosmos and EOS in the coming days.

To celebrate the event Loom Network has announced a special giveaway.



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