LTO Network Reveal Progress with Summer Roadmap

LTO Network has shared its Summer Roadmap updates. Starting from March, LTO Network has been working towards fulfilling this roadmap.

Summer roadmap

The achievement recorded since the inception of the summer roadmap are:

  • March: Launch of FillTheDoc, document engine Saas.
  • April: Second Mainnet Update, 2 new transaction types
  • May: Selected for TechLeap NL Government Program
  • June 1st half: 50M LTO 11% total supply burn
  • June 2nd half: 2 4.0 Deflationary Token Economics Proposal
  • July 1st half: Third Mainnet Upgrade with new integrators
  • July 2nd half: New Technical Roadmap for the platform

LTO Network has recorded success in fulfilling this roadmap.

FillTheDoc goes live

On the 1 April, LTO announced the launch of FillTheDoc and the term for its usage.

FillTheDoc presents a contract automation tool for professionals, in line with the fast rise of the digital transition. FillTheDoc has its own node. This implies that the activity and contribution of the product to the ecosystem can be tracked.

Mainnet upgrade and new transaction types

In mid-April, a new transaction type was introduced: association. This was the first time LTO Network would introduce a new transaction type. The LTO Network public chain always had a fixed set of transaction types. This helped them to focus on specific use cases.

With the association transaction, acknowledgments can be marked from one address to another. This however is not the first transaction type to perform the same action on the LTO Network. A lease transaction previously acknowledged that a node may be able to use the address tokens for staking.

In this case, however, associations do not affect the consensus layer of the blockchain. They naturally exist for validation by off-chain applications. Read more here.

Selection for TechLeap NL program

LTO Network was also selected as one of the scale-up companies in the TechLeap program.

As part of the program, LTO Network will gain support and feedback from renowned Dutch entrepreneurs. Rise also helps new batches of scale-ups on a quarterly basis.

For this month of June, the platform is already working towards the process of burning 50M LTO from the foundation, which is 11% of the total supply.

“Indeed, it is a ‘heated start of June. NEN & Diamond Centre of Wales launching, 11% total supply burn, BitMax staking, Binance mainnet support, and more… So what’s next for $LTO?”

Previously, Binance DEX, the decentralized exchange by Binance, listed LTO Network. Also, the trading pair available for the Binance platform is LTO/BNB.


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