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Leading crypto payments platform,, recently disclosed that CoinDCX had added support for its MCO token. The trading will go live from April 14. It has also integrated its payment app with Ledger. announced the MCO token listing on CoinDCX via an official blog post. Just last month the fintech platform had revealed that Indian crypto traders would now be able to make use of its app.

According to the announcement, users can start making MCO token deposits from April 10 at 21:30 (HKT). Trading, however, will commence on April 14, 2020, at 14:30 (HKT) for MCO/BTC and MCO/INR pairs.

Integration with Ledger

Alongside the news of the upcoming launch of MCO tokens, has also announced a strategic integration of its app with Ledger. Ledger is a popular online store and infrastructure solutions for the crypto and blockchain space. Users can now make purchases with crypto on Ledger using Pay. Supported cryptocurrencies include CRO, BTC, LTC, ETH and Ripple’s XRP.

To promote the integration, has come out with various offers for its users.

  • The first 20 users to spend an equivalent of $120 or more for purchasing CRO will have the opportunity to win a limited edition Ledger Nano S. This offer is, however, valid till May 31. Winners will be contacted to get their mailing address for the delivery of the Ledger Nano S.
  • The announcement also revealed a 20% discount offer for all purchases made with CRO.
  • Additionally, anyone with a deposit of 10,000 CRO or more with tenure of 3 months in Crypto Earn would get 20% cashback on Ledger purchases.
  • Moreover, users staking 10,000 CRO or more in Exchange can enjoy a similar cashback offer.
About CoinDCX,, and Ledger

CoinDCX has gained much momentum of late as the largest crypto exchange in India with a reputation of being trustworthy and secured. Last month, it raised $3 million in Series A funding for its expansion.

Founded in 2016, has a stated goal to drive global crypto adoption. This will ensure everyone is in total control of their funds without interference from the banks, third party financial organizations or the government. This latest move of token listing on CoinDCX is an important milestone and step forward in achieving this objective.

Since 2014, Ledger has made its name as a leading blockchain and crypto security solution provider. Its main aim is to provide security for crypto assets and has a wide range of products. The hardware wallet maker boasts of having its wallets in more than 165 countries.

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