Metal Pay Partners TRON for Instant TRX Purchase

Digital money transfer business, Metal Pay, will partner with TRON to ensure easy availability of TRX tokens for their users.

According to the announcement, Metal Pay will fully integrate TRON’s native cryptocurrency token, Tronix (TRX) in its mobile application. This will facilitate the buying of TRX using fiat currency via a debit card or a checking account.

Moreover, every time they send and receive USD through the app, users can earn up to 5% cashback in MTL tokens on eligible transactions.

The digital money transfer firm CEO, Marshall Hayner, expressed his enthusiasm towards the new partnership. “I believe that TRON shows incredible promise for blockchain technology and decentralized systems. And I’m excited for the chance to work with them as we build the future,” he said.

US citizens instant purchase

The partnership between the companies is especially significant for the US-based customers of Metal Pay. They will now be able to purchase the cryptocurrency instantly when paying with their VISA cards.

The digital money transfer firm also enables crypto-to-crypto conversions for over 20 cryptocurrencies supported on its platform. Users can easily swap in and out of TRX with the Metal Pay app. They can also gain exposure to digital assets such as BTC, ETH, and MTL.

Furthermore, the blog post reiterated the competitive low fees and seamless design of the Metal Pay Marketplace to allow smooth TRX transactions for their users.

TRON cares about users

According to Justin Sun, CEO and Founder of the TRON Foundation, the partnership was entered into to create convenience for its users.

“We will always serve our community by providing users with secure, fast, and simple access to TRX. With Metal Pay, we have created the quickest TRX transaction infrastructure while maintaining world-class security,” Sun said.

Speaking about the opportunities this partnership will unfold, the Metal Pay CEO stated that TRON’s addition to the digital money transfer firm would provide a brand new DeFi platform for the community. It would be the home to a variety of developers, DApps, and more, Hayner added. He also expressed his confidence that the products the company was building would accelerate the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


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