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The metaverse is one of the most interesting aspects of the blockchain world. This virtual universe has already grasped the attention and interest of some of the world’s elite organizations, such as Meta, JP Morgan, Twitter, and multiple football teams.

The metaverse is the future of blockchain technology. It envisions a not-too-distant future where people can work, communicate, and attend events, music concerts, and fashion shows from a single location and with the use of augmented reality headsets. 

Will The Metaverse be Used by Everyone?

It isn’t easy to pinpoint an exact definition of the metaverse since it is still in its cradle stage. However, thinking of it as a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on improving social connections paints a better picture.

The younger generations appear most fascinated by the metaverse, especially gaming. As a result, the gaming industry has thrived in the metaverse more than anyone could have predicted. 

Games like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Sandbox, Illuvium, Chain of Alliance, and My Neighbor Alice welcome thousands of players to their platforms. The virtual gaming world is also gaining several searches on the internet. People are becoming curious to find out more about the industry. Click here to read our other metaverse gaming FAQs. Here are the FAQs for this piece.

What is a Metaverse Game?

Metaverse gaming is where real people leverage virtual gaming platforms to interact with others in a 3D world. Players also have the chance to represent themselves as avatars. Gamers can also create items, sell or buy them, and invest in them. Metaverse gaming thrives on the popular play-to-earn gaming mode, where people receive rewards for playing games.

This kind of online gaming brings a new spin to the gaming world, connecting the entire market into a single piece. As players move through an ecosystem of competing alternatives, the Metaverse effortlessly combines gaming, virtual reality, live streaming, cryptocurrencies, and social networking. For instance, a player who purchases a piece of digital art from one game created by one firm can use that same item in a separate game created by a different company. Games such as Roblox and Fortnite provide such an experience.

Where to Play Metaverse Games

Several gaming companies or developers provide virtual games, and some of these games have gone on to be popular amongst gamers. If you are looking for a platform to play some of these games, you can consider:

  1. Gala games
  2. Axie Infinity
  3. Alien Worlds
  4. Illuvium
  5. Farmers World
Does Metaverse Require VR?

Although VR is a key ingredient of the metaverse, you can get into the metaverse without VR. All you need is a stable internet connection and a smartphone. However, you may need VR to access some of the digital experiences in the metaverse. The metaverse and VR have to intersect at some point.

On the other hand, there are several firms that are developing different ways to interact with the metaverse without VR, including augmented reality. However, the metaverse heavily relies on visuals and sound to give users a remarkable virtual world experience. Therefore, you need tools to navigate the metaverse for the best experience.

Which Metaverse Game is the Best Now?

There are several high-performance games in the metaverse. So, picking the “best” might be a hard choice to make. However, judging by popularity and user engagement, the following are some of the top shots in the industry:

  1. Decentraland
  2. Sandbox
  3. Axie Infinity
  4. Illuvium

Some of these games have a huge following due to the rewards they offer their players. Games like Axie Infinity enjoyed untold popularity in Asia during the pandemic as many unemployed people turned to games for economic reasons.

How Many Metaverse Games Are There?

There are more than a hundred metaverse games. However, only a few have managed to capture mainstream attention. 

How to Play Metaverse Games

The process for playing each game is different. For example, how you play Decentraland differs from how you access Axie Infinity. Let’s take Axie Infinity as an example. To play, you need to:

  1. You will need an Ethereum-based wallet to store your crypto. MetaMask is a good choice here.
  2. You’ll need to set up a Ronin wallet. This is the wallet you’ll use to store in-game assets.
  3. Visit Axie Infinity and click on “Getting Started.”
  4. You’ll need to buy your first Axies to play the game. Axis has grown expensive due to the game’s popularity. On the screen of the third step, you’ll see a link to the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Click on it.
  5. While in the marketplace, you’ll see Axies that are up for sale.
  6. Set up your account after getting your Axies. Download the game, and create your game account by adding an email and password.

Finally, virtual games are quite popular. But, it is also very lucrative. So, these games are a good choice if you seek a good investment or entertainment.


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