Missed ARB Arbitrum?? The Next BILLION Dollar Crypto Airdrop

Arbitrum Airdrop has been wild. People who qualified made anything between $600 to $50K. If you missed it, do not REGRET.

In this article, I am going to give you the lowdown on the next highest anticipated crypto airdrop and some ways to MAXIMIZE your chances of being eligible for it. Get ready, because this one has the potential to be really big.


Currently, one of the hottest potential airdrops in town is the zkSync airdrop. You must note that zkSync has 4x of the funding of Arbitrum. So, the potential is much bigger, hence that everybody and his dog is excited about this airdrop.

Before we talk about how to get zkSync airdrops in the most simple manner and how to maximize the chances, let me give you a very brief intro of zkSync

Using Network Protocols

zkSync is a layer 2 on Ethereum, like Arbitrum and Optimism. In other words, fast transactions and low gas fees. But there’s some work cut out for you. So, here’s what you need to do to get a shot at this airdrop. For the record, I used a MetaMask wallet. However, I recommend using the Argent X Wallet. It is specifically made for zkSync. That is one more reason to qualify for the airdrop. As always, use burner wallets for this:

  • Start with adding funds to your zkSync account with the Orbiter bridge. Costs were $0.48 and it took about 2 minutes.
  • Once you start the first transaction, you need to activate your zkSync account. Sign a message in your wallet, costs were around $.1.5.
  • Now go to the ZigZag exchange and start swapping. Each swap has a small fee. Swap 10-15 times.
  • Go to the Pinata website and register a new account. Here we are going to mint an NFT. Now, once you’re there, upload a file and copy the CID. Go back to zkSync Lite -> NFTs and click on Mint NFT. Copy the CID in the correct box and hit ‘Mint’. Wait a few moments, the minting process takes maybe a minute.
  • Transfer the remaining ETH in your account back to ETH mainnet. However, use a different bridge now. This gives you another interaction with a network protocol. The more protocols you use, the higher your changes of an airdrop are. I used the ZigZag bridge for this. You can also use the zkSync Lite bridge. Be aware, this transaction can take up to 7 hours to complete. Mine took around 1 hour.
  • Join their Discord. Get a role and complete the first couple of Crew 3 tasks.


So, as you can see, I used a few Dapps on the network. For example:

  • Orbiter bridge.
  • The ZigZag swap.
  • Pinata NFTs.
  • ZigZag Bridge.

Overall, gas fees and other costs were around $7 or 0.004 ETH. Remember, this is supposed to be a massive potential crypto airdrop. So $7 is a small investment considering the potential gains.

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