NetCents Crypto Card Passes Final Phase to Launch

NetCents Technology, a blockchain-based payments company, has announced the completion of its integration of cryptocurrency credit cards into its ecosystem. This is the final step towards the launch of its crypto credit card.

NetCents, which is a Canadian-based payments processing company, further stated that the crypto credit card would increase mainstream adoption.

Notably, the card will integrate into user wallets, NC exchange, and instant settlements. The company has also initiated testing of the card with real-life scenarios, which is the final stage of its launch.

NetCents interesting features

The official release stated that post-launch, over 40 million merchant locations worldwide would start accepting the card.

Notably, NetCents cards do not require any pre-loading of digital currencies. This will invariably eliminate the risk of price fluctuations between loading and spending.

Further, the service will make use of instant settlement technology to convert your cryptocurrency holdings into fiat. This will benefit users by providing them the facility for purchases and merchant payouts in real-time.

The release also elaborated that their cardholders would have the option to spend any three NetCents-supported digital currencies. Users will also be able to link their cards to their native wallets to facilitate spending of their cryptocurrency holdings.

The card is set to feature a pin, magnetic strip, chip, and NFC, much like regular payment cards. There will also be integration options into the NetCents mobile app for the cardholders.

In the official release, the NetCents CEO, Clayton Moore, stated, “We consider it a privilege to support Visa in their effort to bring best-in-class products to the market.”

NetCents was also looking forward to working with Visa as they evolved and drove these initiatives together, he said. Moore hoped to have more updates on these advancements soon.

We had earlier reported NetCents’ plan to launch their crypto credit card in domestic and European markets. The latest development is a step forward towards that goal as it could induce crypto buying for consumers worldwide.


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