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The THORWallet DEX team always keeps themselves busy. They are on a mission. Generating more value for their TGT token is part of this mission. This resulted among others in new updates in their WebApp.

There are plenty more updates from the THORWallet DEX team. So, without further ado, we dive straight into them.

The THORWallet WebApp Updates
The Beta Version

In late May 2022, THORWallet released the Beta version of their WebApp. With this in place, you can switch between your mobile and desktop versions. Access is easy, you can use the seed phrase from the native app. However, you can also use MetaMask. A third option is to set up a new noncustodial wallet. As a bonus, it’s now possible, for the first time, to use a hard wallet. This is possible because the team integrated MetaMask and the xDeFi Wallet.

Functions of the Beta version include for instance;

  • Send/receive crypto
  • Make swaps of assets from a variety of chains. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Of course, also from THORChain. More are in the pipeline.

THORWallet DEX V1 WebApp

Source: THORWallet WebApp

V1 Release

In mid-June 2022, the THORWallet DEX team releases the V1 of the WebApp. This update includes many new features and design updates. Furthermore, they fixed a few bugs. 

  1. They introduced a simple swap page, in line with industry standards. 
  2. However, there’s also an advanced Swap page. This offers more control and information. See the picture above.
  3. Liquidity providing is now also available. Enjoy this straight from your desktop. This comes with LP analytics.
  4. The team completed the xDeFi Wallet integration. Moreover, this comes with a new design and some bug fixes.

More THORWallet DEX Updates

Pedro Isaac Lopez gave an insight on some more updates. He is the Chief Growth Officer at THORWallet DEX.

1. THORWallet KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Total downloads: 25,684 (iOS: 14,984; Android: 10,700)
  • Weekly Active Users: 7,126
  • Trading volume: April: $15M, 9000 txs; May MTD: $17M, 4800 txs
  • TGT token holders: 2,136

Usage numbers and downloads increase week by week. You can follow this in the new Analytics Dashboard.


Source: THORWallet Analytics Dashboard

2. The TGT Token Lists on MEXC

The MEXC exchange is particular of interest to US citizens. It’s the first full-service regulated exchange in the US and Australia. It has over 2000 crypto assets on offer. As a result, now you can buy the TGT token without the high gas fees of SushiSwap.

The TGT token is also on offer at the MEXC MX DeFi platform. This means that you can get yield for staking your MX or TGT tokens.

Until the end of June 2022, you can earn $6,699+ with the special MEXC – Altcoin Buzz Giveaway. See our article on how to take part. Or click the pic.

MEXC Global Giveaway for Altcoin Buzz

3. Referral Program is Live

In late May, the new Referral Program went live. Each referral rewards you with up to $40. The new users receive each a $20 reward. Moreover, the team will add more missions that give options to earn more TGT.

4. App Version v1.2.3 Release
  • Some new features and integrations include;
  • Support of additional EVM compatible or Layer 2 chains. For instance, Moonbeam, Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum.
  • Allowing users to add custom tokens (based on token contract address).
  • Update on the pool APR calculation.
5. Marketing Updates

These help to establish the name of the THORWallet DEX and its TGT token. Here are some recent updates.

  • More Google Ads in many regions.
  • The THORWallet DEX got mentioned on a variety of prominent YouTube channels.
  • The THORWallet DEX team was in Austin, TX. They visited the following 3 conferences between June 6–12, 2022: CrossChainExpo, consensus2020, and DcentralCon.
  • They are also working on a complete website re-design. This comes with new explainer videos for their apps.

It’s always good to see a busy team. Most importantly, they are building during these hard market times. The THORWallet DEX team keeps at it, relentlessly. They deserve thumbs up for their new V1 WebApp version with improved features.

The price of the TGT token is currently at $0.00662535. That’s 3.5% up from yesterday, according to CoinGecko. The market cap is just under $1.5 million. The circulating supply is 229 million, out of 1 billion. 

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