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Fintech firm has announced several notable upgrades on its platform recently. Upgrade ranging from about 50% discount on fees, zero trading fees and 10x better performance. also announced infrastructural upgrades to its Order Management System (OMS), Matching Engine, unified REST, and Websocket API. The changes to the platform will result in an outstanding 10x performance boost. It would also serve as an impressive roadmap for 2020, including its plans to launch both margin and derivatives trading.

Upgrades on the platform first launched its beta platform last November. The platform over the last six months has experienced exponential growth as more and more people are resorting to cryptocurrencies and using the platform. 

According to the companies official blog, the changes on the platform will include:

  • Revised Matching Engine and Order Management System (OMS) – This, in turn, will result in a 10x performance boost.
  • Unified REST and Websocket API – Facilitating ease of adoption and use of the API platforms. The Websockets, on the other hand, will enable clients to create stable connections to “place orders and trades for high-frequency trading”.
  • Remodeled architecture, improved latency, security, and scalability – These updates create a powerful and robust risk management engine alongside high leverage margin and derivatives trading.
  • Availability and resilience of every component – This increases stability while also eradicating all points of failure.

In celebration of these upgrades, users will enjoy several exciting rewards on the crypto fintech platform.

New users will enjoy a zero trading fee for the first 90 days on the platform. Users will, however, need to first ‘complete Advanced Level KYC requirements’ to enjoy this reward.
Already existing users will enjoy up to 50% discount on all trades on the platform. New users for the first 39 days will also enjoy a 2% bonus interest rate on all deposits. They also need to complete advanced level KYC requirements to enjoy this bonus.
The bonus will be paid in native token CRO and will be directed towards CRO staking on the Exchange.

We previously covered 4th Anniversary Syndicate Special expected to go live on June 30, 2020. 


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