NFTs Meet Super Heroes Courtesy of Secret Network (SCRT)

Preserving privacy is one of the founding principles of the blockchain space. Notwithstanding, the privacy feature of decentralized technology is arguably the most criticized aspect of the blockchain and crypto space. Regulatory organizations are looking to make transactions and participants traceable.

Secret Network (SCRT), on the other hand, is focused on upholding the privacy standards of the blockchain and the crypto space. Secret Network (SCRT) is a Layer 1 blockchain platform focused on privacy-preserving smart contracts. The privacy-focused platform has moved into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with their Secret NFTs. Now those Secret NFTs serve as the core of a blockchain-based game featuring mighty superheroes – Secret Heroes. The game officially went live on May 11, 2021.

In Secret Heroes, players mint their own superhero NFTs. Each of the heroes created have a unique skin, along with four skills with randomly-generated stats. The four skills are Weapons, Engineering, Biotech, and Psychics. Players can send their heroes into battle against other players. The game randomly selects a skill, and the hero with the higher ranking in that  skill wins. When a hero wins, their stats go up. Conversely, when a hero loses, there is a chance their stats go down (although never below their initial threshold).

Secret Heroes NFT

To commemorate the mainnet launch of Secret Heroes, the blockchain project has announced plans to launch a giveaway. A total off 500 SCRT tokens will be given out to the top three players in Secret Heroes from May 11 through May 18.

About Secret NFTs

Secured by Secret Network (SCRT), Secret NFTs are designed using SNIP-721 standards. These SNIP-721 standards are proof of the network’s privacy stance. Secret Network (SCRT) SNIP-20 fungible tokens currently support the network’s DeFi ecosystem, including its recently launched SecretSwap.

More on the Giveaway

As stated above, Secret Heroes will reward the top three players from May 11 through May 18 with a total of 500 SCRT. The breakdown of the reward is 350 SCRT (1st place), 100 SCRT (2nd place), and 50 SCRT (3rd place).

It is important to note that interested persons will need to have a Keplr wallet in order to generate a SCRT address. Users will have to connect their Keplr wallet in order to play Secret Heroes. SCRT tokens are used in the game to cover transaction costs for battles and to mint heroes. Users can gain SCRT tokens via Uniswap and Binance.

About Secret Network (SCRT)

Secret Network (SCRT) has been in the limelight in recent times for all the right reasons. The privacy-centered platform is interested in ensuring everyone has access to programmable privacy at all times.

The blockchain platform boasts of being the first-ever Layer 1 privacy-focused decentralized tech platform. It currently features smart contracts that function using encryption.

Interestingly, Secret Network recently received $11.5 million from investors to further improve its privacy feature. Investors who took part in the funding round include Blocktower Capital, Arrington Capital, Skynet Trading, and Spartan Group.

SCRT Price

At the time of publication, SCRT was trading at $$2.91, with a market cap of $202,090,953 and a 24-hour trading volume of $4,842,941.

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