NOIA Network: Oracle Partnership and Other Updates

NOIA had an amazing amount of exciting updates in August 2020. Some of these updates included a partnership with Oracle, AMAs, and its ambassador project.

Looking back at the month of August, the NOIA Network has achieved so many applaudable milestones. Below is a list of its major updates.

Oracle partnership

Understanding the importance of the right partnerships in any successful venture, NOIA partnered with Oracle last month. NOIA joined a group of well-known firms known as the Oracle Partner Network. This strategic partnership with Oracle will expose the NOIA Network to Oracle’s over 25 million user base, facilitating awareness and adoption of the network. The partnership will also grant NOIA Network access to Oracle’s sales VP, as well as being listed on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

According to an official blog post, NOIA points out that the partnership with Oracle is a major boost for the company. NOIA Network adds that the partnership enhances their relevance in the crypto and blockchain space.

NOIA Ambassadors Program

Last year, the platform launched the NOIA Ambassadors Program. The program is designed to run a more inclusive platform by having community members actively involved in making network-based decisions. Community members are also encouraged to work closely with the NOIA executive, marketing, and even developer teams. Ambassadors for NOIA Network are tasked with spreading awareness on social media as well as providing succinct and accurate feedback. In August, NOIA welcomed 33 new ambassadors. The ambassadors will work closely with other team members and earn special rewards for their services. 

Better liquidity on Uniswap

With the DeFi industry on the rise, the NOIA Token got listed on Uniswap back in June. In a bid to ensure significant decentralized trading, the network contributed an extra $50,000 on Uniswap in August.

Other development updates
  • Developers on NOIA have been hard at work with their major focus on ensuring both platform adoption and network expansion. The team has furthermore improved usability and all-around user experience on the network. 
  • Several upgrades were also carried out on NOIA network software. The upgrade will facilitate easy access on the network by any interested VM, server, router, etc. To further improve the team, plans are in place to hire at least 20 more developers.
  • In August, the NOIA executive team carried out several AMAs across a number of Telegram channels. Some of the communities they interacted with include the tehmoonwalker, Spectre, and Gagarin communities. 
  • The network’s DARP (Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol) enjoyed some major updates in August. The company’s relationship with top cloud providers allows it to increase scalability, resulting in greater routing efficiencies.

NOIA CTO Jonas Simanavicius disclosed on Twitter 13 reasons why he is optimistic about the network.

In conclusion

While August was a splendid month, the platform looks forward to exciting changes this month. Previously, Altcoin Buzz covered details on NOIA Network and its market cap.

At the time of writing, NOIA was trading at $0.082767 (-5.75%) with a market cap of $26,181,895.


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