NULS Nerve Network

NULS blueprints for its decentralized digital asset service network are out today. Developed by NULS Technical Community, the Nerve Network targets to support cross-chain interaction of blockchain. It is an extension of NULS 2.0 Project. 

NULS is looking to effectively break the silos between popular blockchain like Bitcoin and Ethereum. And it is all set to support heterogeneous blockchain coopetition.
A brand new protocol
According to a press release shared with the Altcoin Buzz team, the technical community is utilizing the existing infrastructure. So, the protocol will make use of the NULS microservice framework.
Moreover, it has been developed using ChainBox, which is quite popular for easing the application building for enterprises and application developers.
With ChainBox, developers need to just focus on developing their customized applications and can build brand new applications in minutes. As it is the core of the Nerve Network, one can expect it to simplify cross-chain communication for heterogeneous blockchain.
Final Critical Piece
Pseudo-anonymous developer and technical director, Berzeck, was behind proposing of the Nerve Network blueprint. And this is going to be the final critical piece. Furthermore, it will complete the full-service ecosystem like hosting, DAPP creation, and maintenance.
According to Berzeck, NULS 2.0 is capable of adapting and evolving faster than other blockchains. With the Nerve Network, it throws a challenge at projects like Polkadots and Cosmos.
As each module is an application itself, Berzeck explained how it would work with an example.
“If Vitalik finds the infinity scalability scheme, while he is receiving a Turing Award, we will pack it in a microservice and deploy via Chain Factory months and even years before Ethereum or another blockchain does.” 
It’s a community project
NULS rejoices at the advantages of having a super-active community that propose ideas to the network. As the entire project is modular, the community can easily set up a master node and adjoining wallet.
With a strong belief in the project, they also fund the project development by staking their NULS. And these community supporters receive native tokens as rewards.
“The NULS community has been hard at work,” said Reaper Ran, NULS founder. “Over the past year, NULS developers have made 4,324 GitHub commits, the fifth most of any blockchain project. Internationally, we see greater enthusiasm as we approach cross-chain functionality, and with our modular functionality, we are on pace to outperform all other incumbents.”
He added, “NULS will break the state that each blockchain is like a closed-loop circuit, and it will foster a value interworking blockchain network. The future blockchain is not a single chain, but a block network composed of many chains.”
With this fresh new proposal, the project targets to break the vacuum in the blockchain ecosystem. Effectively, this will support the existence of a decentralized application ecosystem that is yet to happen


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