NULS surges by 400%- DEX, Staking and Cross-Chain

On 24 June NULS, a microservices-based blockchain for enterprise experienced a phenomenal 400% token price surge. The recent major technical developments have revied the investor and supporter interest in the project.

On 15 June NULS launched the testnet of much-awaited Nerve Network and the mainnet will go live in July 2020. Apart from that the decentralized exchange NerveDEX (NDEX) is near completion. Moreover, with these developments, the platform is heading towards adaptability, cross-chain integrations, and permission-less solutions.

Nerve Network Launch – What does it bring?

NULS price is skyrocketing because, with the launch of Nerve Network, it will be capable of supporting Bitcoin staking and cross-chain interaction. Consequently, the platform would be able to establish a cross-chain asset exchange network which is very crucial to breaking the silos between the blockchains.

Furthermore, Nerve Network will provide NULS tokens a platform where they can be used to support the staking of digital assets like BTC, ERC-20, and more. The Nerve Network will operate specialized nodes called virtual banks that will generate consensus rewards for staking BTC and ETH. Furthermore, the network will generate rewards as $NVT (Nerve Network Token).

Edging towards decentralization

Nerve Network decentralized exchange (NDEX) is currently in its Beta stage and is being aggressively tested. Once it goes live, the decentralized exchange intends to streamline the token listing process. Furthermore, it will allow anyone to create trading pairs and list new assets. But this would be achievable only after burning a certain number of $NVT.

With the completion of NDEX, NULS will become the first project to offer concept-to-offering solutions underpinned by blockchain. Moreover, the NULS native projects will enjoy quick listing to post a successful SCO.

Big success stories

On June 18, NULS token was listed on BitMart Shooting Star, the platform that lists the high-quality blockchain projects. More importantly, NULS became the first project to be listed and all the NULS token were sold out within 3 minutes. BitMart had listed 100,000 NULS tokens at a 20% discount.

NULS network has been completely remodeled in the last 1 year. It has added a modular microservices infrastructure that makes it more suitable for enterprise usage. With the addition of Nerve Network and NDEX, the project is edging ahead of its close competitors seeking adaptability, building permissionless solutions, and cross-chain integration.

The project completed its 2.0 infrastructure in September 2019. With the brand new architecture, it was able to deliver products and services like:

  • ChainBox
  • Chain Factory
  • POCM
  • NULS native stablecoin, USDI
Waterfall of investors

In the month of June, 8 new institutional investors poured money into the project. This happened right after the token ranked #3 on in hot searches. Here is the list of investors

  • Quest Capital
  • Consensus Lab
  • CRC Capital
  • BN Capital
  • Chain Capital
  • Waterdrip Capital
  • IBG
  • BitMart Labs

It also received investments from Exponential Capital, XStarPool, and TB Capital.

According to NULS co-founder Reaper Ran, “The interest in NULS over the past few months has assured us in our decision to revamp the network. The NULS 2.0 infrastructure has helped us become incredibly adaptive, and more developers and investors are discovering the true value of our network. Nerve Network propels us into an even greater vantage point where we can realize cross-chain interoperability previously thought impossible.”

Ecommerce Shops also accept NULS now

The eCommerce Vendors can now accept NULS on online shops built on Shopify, Bigcommerce, and WordPress. In fact, this became only possible with the Cryptocurrency Checkout support. Additionally, the vendors can also imbed donation wallets on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, and more.


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