After Bruno Block, founder of Oyster Pearl, performed an exit scam, a lot has happened with the project. The new CEO of Opacity, Jason Coppola, is ready to do what the project was all about: change the game for crypto file storage.

In October last year, the Oyster Pearl (PRL) founder perpetrated an exit scam after printing millions of PRL tokens and trading them instantly on Kucoin. The reputation of Oyster Pearl, a very interesting and innovative project, was ruined.

On November 6 William Cordes, the CEO of Oyster Pearl, announced a hard fork to save the project and changed the project’s name to Opacity. After making this decision, William Cordes announced he was going to step down this month as the CEO and appointed Jason Coppola as the new leader of Opacity. Jason joined the team in January after already having played an active role in the community.  

With Jason Coppola, Opacity has an experienced new CEO that will most likely bring the project to the next level. The name of the project might have changed but the mission is still the same: to change the game for crypto file storage by making it easy to use and relevant for daily use.

Jason joined Opacity with 20 years in software product development as an experienced Engineer, Program Manager, Product Manager, and Executive leader. Furthermore, Jason has led teams within large enterprises such as Microsoft, Boeing, Paypal, and Salesforce, which makes him the ideal CEO for Opacity.

One of the first orders of business that Jason did is introduce Opacity 1.0. Currently, Opacity 1.0 is already in development and will open the doors for Opacity to grow and scale in the near future.

Opacity 1.0 is being developed with the goals of the project in mind:

  • Establish cryptocurrency/tokens as a first class citizen and primary means of exchange for doing business;
  • Provide zero-knowledge accounts with encrypted data for file storage by default. No tracking, no personal information, no spying on you;
  • Create a censorship-resistant protocol through a decentralized network. It’s your data, you own it;
  • Provide feature parity with familiar storage providers to make Opacity user-friendly. Create a platform for storage-related DApps to proliferate;
  • Enable the network to be profitable, allowing it to remain healthy for the long term.

Here are some big things that will be changing or have already been changed:

The architecture: one of the biggest things the Opacity team will change is the hosting architecture. Opacity will most likely remove the Iota tangle as the primary means of file storage. The tangle is slow and resource intensive. The new structure will maintain the encrypted, chunked files from the client, but will push the file hosting into traditional storage solutions. This will drastically improve upload speed and allow us to provide large subscription plans so that we can expand the user base and increase the intrinsic value and utility of the OPQ token.

The Subscriptions: Opacity 1.0 will offer upfront paid storage plans. The subscriptions can be paid seamlessly using the native token, OPQ.

The design: in order to make Opacity more appealing to a broader audience, the design, and branding of Opacity has been changed. A new logo has been designed to give the project a more refreshing look. Furthermore,  the storage interface and the main site will also be changed to match the new design and branding. Refreshing!

Multi File Management: uploading files to online storage should not be inconvenient. One of the selling points of online cloud services is usability. Opacity strives to make uploading files a seamless, easy and efficient experience.

Marketing: instead of burning through funds like most cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, Opacity is using the funds to develop the product. To still market Opacity to a large audience, the team is partnering with bloggers, YouTubers, and other online channels to share the vision of Opacity.

In conclusion: if you liked Oyster Pearl before, there is enough to get excited about with Opacity. The project has the same goal as before, a new and very experienced CEO, a good roadmap, and a clear vision for the future. Opacity has all the ingredients it needs to find success (not financial advice).


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