Opera Enables In-App BTC, ETH Purchase in the US

Norwegian based mobile and desktop browser, Opera, has announced that US-based customers can now purchase Bitcoin and Ether directly from their browser’s crypto wallet.

Opera, in partnership with the payments firm, Wyre, ushered in this new feature for US-based clients. It will support both Apple Pay and debit cards to purchase the two major cryptocurrencies.

The new feature is available to Opera’s users on all three browsers – Android, Opera Touch from iOS, and desktop.

Charles Hamel, the Head of Crypto at Opera, said, “Wyre provides an excellent web-based solution that was simple to integrate and is very simple to use. Their support of Apple Pay is a huge plus for our iOS users.”

Opera explained Wyre’s solution would assist users to buy Bitcoin and Ether in “less than 30 seconds” as compared to “hours or days” taken to complete transactions via some crypto exchanges.

Hamel also noted that there would be a daily purchase limit. Users can purchase as little as $1 worth of crypto, and go up to a maximum daily limit of $250. Additionally, there is a $0.30 fee as well as a 2.9 percent transaction commission.

Opera in-app feature exists in some countries

Opera said the new feature had already been operating in some countries namely, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, since February 2019. Notably, for the initiative to succeed in the Scandinavia countries, Opera partnered with Sweden-based crypto brokerage Safello.

As previously reported, the browser introduced the first blockchain-enabled browser, for Android, in December 2018. It also possesses a built-in crypto wallet and Dapp explorer.

Additionally, the browser proceeded to add a built-in crypto wallet to its desktop browser as well as to its iOS browser, Opera Touch.

Unique amongst its peer

Opera’s mobile and desktop browsers have been setting unique trends distinguishing itself from other regular browser operators.

Brave browser is another known competitor as the browser keeps enlarging its community. It recently announced, it has reached a new milestone of 10 million users.

Notably, Opera linked its crypto wallet to a wide variety of services. Now users can use their Bitcoins directly in the browser. How? By sending and receiving them. The main idea is that you can use Bitcoin and Ethereum on other sites to pay for goods and services.

Another significant step is that the browser also supports TRX now. Thus, users have easy access to the fast-growing ecosystem of decentralized TRON Dapps.


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