Our 100x Crypto Strategy I Top 3 Altcoins To Explode

Crypto is in one big scary bear market right now. But as bad as it may seem, the market always has intel and resources to uncover 100x altcoin opportunities. That’s quite a claim!

In the last bear market, I built an entire strategy to find out projects that are early, super Early, and could easily be 100x. I used it to bag 3 altcoins that 100xed then and are now available at 70-80% discounts and can explode again any time soon. 

So, in this article, we will share my 100x strategy and the top 3 coins I am buying again right now. And don’t forget we have a special deal going on with our friends at Binance where you can receive up to $800 in bonuses for signing up and funding a new account.

Our 100X Crypto Strategy Tool

Binance Labs, the investment/project incubator division of Binance, is my secret weapon to find the next 100x opportunity. In previous bear markets, I used the same to find out these 3 explosive altcoins that gave us 35X, 299X, and 972X. Here is what we know:

  1. They believe in it because they invest their own money.
  2. They believe it can be a leading project in crypto.
  3. They have vetted the project in a thorough and demanding way.
  4. They will help make this happen by marketing the project and then listing the token on the exchange.
  5. Account holders like us will be able to access it once they list on the exchange or the project has its TGE.

This is an example of what Binance Labs is investing in now:


And once Binance Labs is invested, you can check the project out in the Launchpad or Launchpool too if you have an account. Even if you don’t have an account at Binance. Even if you HATE Binance, don’t you want to take advantage of all the legwork and marketing efforts they will put in to help generate some alpha for you?

Now, let’s get into the top 3 altcoins that I picked up from Binance Labs earlier and now I am buying them again as they are all set to explode.

Coin #1 MATIC

There was a time exactly 2 years ago when you could have paid 1 cent per MATIC token. Today it’s worth 80 cents and it’s been as high as ~$3. Even at 80 cents in this terrible market, those are HUGE returns. 80x in 2 years.

Polygon was part of Season 2 in April 2019. This means had you been watching you could have seen Binance’s marketing muscle behind the project when you finally got your chance to buy it. So, Polygon is the Ethereum Layer 2 leader. They are involved in every technology from running their chain as a sidechain to zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to keep transactions faster and more private.

In addition, Polygon is making lots of other moves too that could easily lead them to another 20x from here. Moves like helping games move to either the Polygon chain or move to their chain like GameSwift, formerly Star Terra, is doing. Or its partnership with Disney. MATIC has a lot of bright days ahead of it. And Binance Labs helped them get started.

Coin #2 The Sandbox

Another HUGE project receiving support from Binance Labs, and then the Binance launchpad for a token raise was The Sandbox. Binance Labs invested in early 2020 and then SAND did a $3.5 million token launch in August 2020, exactly 2 years ago.

Also, they invested $3.5 million for a project now worth $1.4 billion. That’s ~300x. You don’t need to be right that often with your investments with a return like that. At its high of $8.40, its value was 10x higher than it is now. Yet, it’s still a leading metaverse project. Just available at a 90% discount.

Plus if you got some of that Binance Labs alpha, you crushed it even at this much lower price. Like Polygon, The Sandbox is still a leader in its part of the crypto-economy, and just about the only difference is the price. You can buy quality at a discount.

Only in the last couple of weeks, The Sandbox has partnered with Firefly Games and Paris Hilton, along with many other strong partnerships leading the industry. A 9x back to its old all-time high is doable.

Coin #3 Kava

Kava is another successful Binance Labs investment. It has a market value of $415 million and it’s down 90% from its all-time high too. The theme continues that early investors crushed on this investment so that even at these lower prices the returns are eye-popping. And not only that, Kava could easily do 9x to reclaim its old high.

Kava now has 2 fully developed chains. One for the Kava ecosystem and its separate EVM. This connects it to 2 of the 3 biggest ecosystems in crypto: Ethereum and Cosmos. They also have a huge developer incentive plan for $750 million.

Get That Alpha Yourself

Now, if you think the best returns are behind you on these 3 altcoins. We may not agree but we understand. As promised, we are going to show you where you could find the potential of the next Sandbox. There are 2 places:

Place #1: Season 5 Binance Labs Incubator

Although Season 5 is going on now, Season 3 from late 2021 has graduated already, and are/will be doing token events soon. Some potential highlights in this group are:

  1. A P2E ecosystem called Block Ape Scissors if you are bullish on blockchain games
  2. OR Tranching Protocol for yield optimization and hedging strategies if you are a fan of yield farming
  3. OR Mint Club a no-code token-building platform.

Many of these altcoins, now that they’ve graduated from Season 5 are available on PancakeSwap for you to buy.

Place #2: The Binance Labs Website

Here it makes sense to just look where Binance has already invested. They show you all the projects on their website and have many articles about the projects they support. Like this announcement about their investment in liquid staking protocol pStake.

We don’t provide investment advice here. But if you are going to copy/paste other trading techniques, maybe it makes more sense to invest in some of the things that Binance Labs invests in. After all, they have both the monetary incentive and the marketing muscle and public face to help get these altcoins projects the exposure they need early on to be successful.


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