Particl latest updates

Particl has announced the release of the latest updates via Twitter. The tweet mentioned that these updates were now available on their official blog.

The update covers various aspects of the Particl network and its ongoing projects.

Desktop 2.4.0

The Particl team had been working towards the launch of the Particl desktop version 2.4.0 with support from some community contributors.

The highly anticipated release is boasts of some outstanding features. It promises to be more user-friendly and would also sport a more efficient back-end. It would also provide ease for marketing the network at scale.

The release would also encourage sellers, and enable the network to get more recognition from them. This would lead to the network becoming an extra sales channel that their business can benefit from. The launch of the Particl Desktop 2.4.0 testnet phase is also going to usher in another significant milestone, the Particl Academy.

Particl Academy

The Particl Academy is a novel documentation hub that would contain every information concerning the network. All this information would come handy from a vendor’s as well as a user’s perspective. This academy is set to launch prior to the mainnet release.

Furthermore, the materials for the proposed academy are in simple easy-to-understand language, devoid of crypto jargon. The report reads: “It includes step-by-step user guides for everything, in-depth guides about some of their core components, FAQs, troubleshooting, documentation, and all the basic instructions to get anyone started with us in no time.”

Notably, this academy would be just one of the three different ways to learn firsthand about the network. The other two means are the network’s official website and the Wiki channel.

Official website

In the report of the latest updates, the Particl network revealed plans to come out with a new official website. Its aim would be to focus on the marketplace as the number one search result. Moreover, the website design would be clear and straightforward. The report summed it up: “the official website is all about the network and how it’ll make your life better.”

Particl Wiki

This feature will contain all technical and crypto-focused information. It acts in complement to the academy and website which processes simpler information. Users and crypto enthusiasts who want to deep dive to get all the detailed technical information are likely to find this page helpful and tailor-made for their tastes.

Particl has thus employed more focus on setting this three-pronged approach toward information dissemination, helping the network to reach out to a wider audience range.

To remind, last year we had introduced our readers to Particl in our Community Speaks segment. Also, read the other project updates that we have covered recently – Ethereum Classic, Enjin wallet, Zilliqa, Status, and Augur.


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