PayPal is the New Payment Partner For SingularityNET

Netherlands-based project that joins AI and blockchain is now bridging more critical gaps. Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNet made an exciting announcement at Blockshow Asia 2019.

According to Goertzel, the platform has integrated PayPal payment gateway. And this opens up its AI-as-a-service marketplace to non-crypto users. Excited about this integration, Goertzel said it is not a fiat-crypto exchange. But it will allow service buyers a route to purchase AGI(the native tokens) using fiat. And using these tokens, the users can buy AI goods and services in the AaaS marketplace.
With an aim to gain a sustainable fraction of the world’s AI service buyers, this integration marks a significant step. According to Ben, to rank alongside Amazon Cloud, Azure, and Google Cloud, the platform must bridge the crypto-fiat gap. This integration will provide an intuitive payment gateway to 286 million PayPal users. And they, in turn, will introduce SingularityNET to more users.
Simple Fiat to crypto
As per Goertzel, a non-experienced crypto user will simply pay for the services using fiat with PayPal. He is not required to understand how PayPal fiat transactions buy AGI and then the AI services. For a buyer, it looks like an ordinary payment of services with fiat.
Perfect timing
SingularityNET has recently released a simple SDK for the developers where developers can access the AI + Blockchain setup. Furthermore, Ben announced today that quite soon SingularityNET is coming up with an AI Portal. Explaining it further, Ben stated that it is something like Google’s Kaggle. If someone needs an AI service, he can post it on the portal. The first one to carry out and post the task will receive the exact number of AGI tokens posted in the portal request.  
That said, this integration makes perfect sense just before the release of AI portal. It is evident that SingularityNET does not want to keep non-experienced crypto users at bay.


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