Polkastarter V2 Launches With New Features

The much anticipated Polkastarter V2 is finally live, and it comes with new unique and enhanced features that will provide users with seamless and intuitive service.

Announcing the update, Polkastarter noted that V2 is loaded with improved updates to ensure the project delivers top-notch services. The decentralized and compliant launchpad for blockchain and digital assets projects noted that users will enjoy the new version.

The Polkastarter V2 update unveils a new website that comes with a regal, sleek, and aesthetic design. According to the announcement, the new website will enhance utility on the blockchain platform, giving users a seamless experience.

Polkastarter V2
Source: Polkastarter

Polkastarter revealed that V2 has a new dashboard that will provide users with a track record of their IDO journey. The dashboard will also help users easily access information about their $POLS holdings. “You will be able to track your staked POLS, lottery level (your % chance of participating in IDOs), the status of your whitelist application and more,” Polkastarter noted.

Polkastarter v2

New project pages will also be rolled out as a result of the update. The project pages will provide users with information on everything they should know about the launchpad and its upcoming projects.

Polkastarter noted that, as a result of the update, the website will have a dedicated section for whitelisting. As a result of the new feature, users can whitelist themselves directly from the website without going through the usual stress.

Polkastarter Staking and IDO Farming

In addition to the new website, the multi-chain IDO platform noted that it would roll-out staking and IDO farming features.

Polkastarter disclosed that as a result of its community demanding staking, the new staking feature was launched. It also noted that the new staking feature will improve the utility of $POLS tokens.

Overall, the staking feature will initially be available on Ethereum and BSC, allowing users to earn by staking. According to reports, over $11 million has already been staked since Monday morning, consisting of 6.25 million $POLS.

Meanwhile, the IDO farming is a new initiative that allows users to stake their IDO tokens for yield instead of having to immediately withdraw tokens.

Essentially, Polkastarter V2 is focused on facilitating interoperability and ensuring growth of cross-chain. “With V2, we will be rolling out even more integrations to ensure our technology development stays true to our core mission of an interoperable, cross-chain future,” Polkastarter said.

$POLS Price

Polkastarter token was on a bullish run as the token rallied by 28.8% over the last seven days.

At the time of publication, $POLS was trading at $2.00, with a market cap of $162,947,642 and a 24-hour trading volume of $29,004,321.

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