Polygon (MATIC) continues to make headlines with strategic updates, events, and partnerships in the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

To keep our readers abreast of top happenings in the Polygon ecosystem we have compiled some of this week’s top Polygon updates. These Polygon updates include strategic partnerships and project launches. The article also contains a general overview of the top gainers on Polygon. It is also important to note that Polygon is one of the top layer-2 scaling solutions available today.

Gnosis bridge launch, Polygon and Neowiz partnership to launch Intella X are some of this week’s top POlygon updates.

Let’s find out some more top Polygon updates.

1. Gnosis Bridge Launch

This week, Polygon (MATIC) debuts its much-anticipated Gnosis bridge. The bridge will facilitate the seamless transfer of high-value assets from the Ethereum chain to Polygon. Therefore, making it possible for users to enjoy scalability with the top-notch security of Ethereum (ETH).

2. Polygon | Neowiz Partner to Launch Intella X

Polygon announces a strategic partnership with game publisher platform Neowiz. According to the announcement, the partnership will facilitate the launch of the blockchain gaming platform Intella X. This means that Neowiz top games like Brave Nine and Cats & Soup will finally be available on Web 3.

The launch of Intella X native wallet ‘IX Wallet’ will also take place along with the official launch of the blockchain gaming platform. Intella X has also been touted as the pace setter of the next-generation of web 3 blockchain gaming platform.

3. Polygon | Metaforest Game Partnership

Polygon is known for its focus on ensuring a carbon-negative status. In line with this, the layer 2 scaling solution platform is now in partnership with Metaforest. Together, both platforms will use blockchain technology to facilitate reforestation and reduce climate change.

Metaforest Game is a unique eco-friendly battle game with exciting gameplay and also NFT technology.

4. Cocacola Launch Collectibles on Polygon

Cocacola introduces a one-of-a-kind experience to celebrate its first anniversary in the metaverse. The beverage giant launched generative and shareable collectibles on the Polygon network. The collectibles are imbued with a unique “share-to-reveal” function. This means that the collectibles can only be revealed after sharing them with a friend.

5. Top Gainers on Polygon

Some of the top gainers on Polygon over 24 hours as of August 8, 2022, include:

  • Pickle Finance – The auto-compounder platform records a massive 114.5% price increase.
  • Graph Protocol a web3 indexing and querying protocol had a price increase of 13.6%.
  • Celsius Network – the embattled crypto exchange platform records a price increase of 12.6%.
  • Virtual Metaverse – the gamified metaverse platform also recorded a 9.7%

Other top gainers on Polygon (MATIC) include; Render token, Lido Finance, Curve Finance, Ocean protocol, etc.

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