Poolz to Foray Into the Metaverse and NFT Gaming Space

Popular Web 3.0 IDO launchpad platform Poolz has announced plans to foray into the fast-rising NFT gaming and metaverse sphere.

To achieve this, Poolz has announced the launch of a $2 million investment fund with plans to facilitate innovation in the entire blockchain gaming sphere.

Blockchain Gaming in 2021

2021 has recorded an unprecedented rise in the NFT gaming and metaverse space. There is also a huge surge in play-to-earn games with more people looking to earn incentives from The NFT gaming and metaverse space. Apart from earning incentives, players also have the opportunity to own assets they obtained during the course of playing the game. These assets can also be traded to earn funds. Therefore, providing players with a truly immersive and profitable gaming experience. Also, the increasing interest in blockchain gaming is a clear pointer to the fact that this fast-rising space could completely revolutionize the gaming industry as we know it.

Poolz and the NFT Gaming Space

Not to be left behind, Poolz has disclosed plans to become a major player in facilitating innovation in the blockchain gaming space. Hence, its establishment of the $2 million investment fund. The funds will be directed towards supporting upcoming entrepreneurs in the blockchain gaming space. With the fund in place, Poolz is on the lookout for truly innovative NFT gaming and metaverse projects. These projects must provide users with an immersive and also profitable experience. Chosen projects will receive financial support from Poolz necessary to facilitate hitch-free and top-notch innovations.

Speaking on the announcement, Liam Cohen, the CMO and co-founder of Poolz, disclosed that Poolz’s interest in the blockchain gaming space is on the rise. He added that this fact wasn’t unique to Poolz alone as the entire NFT gaming and metaverse sphere has garnered a lot of interest in recent times. He also revealed that the “[…] 2 million dollar fund was an obvious next step to bring forward a way to support such projects.”

Cohen, furthermore, spoke highly of the blockchain gaming space. He declared that this fast-rising sphere “[…] is not just the future of games but also the future economy of the internet.” Adding that the blockchain gaming space is at the precipice of becoming an immersive metaverse like movies such as the popular Ready Player One.

With a lot of buzz currently around the NFT gaming space, Poolz is on the lookout for upcoming NFT gaming and metaverse projects. According to Cohen, the IDO platform is more interested in associating with upcoming projects in a bid to build innovation in this still nascent space.

Launching the $2 million investment fund has furthermore propelled Poolz towards becoming one of the top IDO launchpad platforms available today.


At the time of publication, POOLZ was trading at $6.42, with a market cap of $16,689,788 and a 24-hour trading volume of $1,054,271. The token price is down by 3.4% in the last 24 hours.

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