PROTECT YOUR Web3 Crypto Data with wesendit

Attention! Anybody needs to send big files? Sure, we have all been there. In general, we use Web2 based companies for that. But, Web2 companies always grab your data. You can’t do anything, or you need to sign up and hand over your personal information. That’s Web2 for you.

WeSendit , launched in 2023, is such a company that is active in the data space. In other words, they are an established company with a lot of experience in this field. They are also the first company that is about to launch a Web3 based platform for moving data around. That puts you at the controls of your data. Web2 is a centralized space. However, Web3 is fully decentralized. That sounds intriguing, so let’s take a closer look at WeSendit.

#1 What Is WeSendit?

WeSendit is the first Web3 based file sharing aggregator. It is your gateway to the world of decentralized networks. In other words, they only send your files. And most importantly, there’s no collection of personal data. Since 2013, they achieved a lot, for example:

  • 3.5 million customers from over 150 countries.
  • They processed over 2.85 billion data records.
  • Build up over 10 years of experience.

Furthermore, the company raised $4 million. By seeding and private rounds and with their TGE. That’s the token generation event. Furthermore, they are also very active on social media. They have, for instance:

There are also some big companies that use WeSendit, like:

  • DreamWorks.
  • Nike.
  • Red Bull.
  • Or Meta.

So, time to look at their Web3 plans. Their platform uses the BSC chain. In other words, cheap and fast transactions. That’s a good move. 

  • End-to-end encryption for all data transfers.
  • Interoperability, you can switch between networks.
  • Metadata protection. This is important because it keeps your personal data where it belongs. With you!
  • Geo redundant storage. This means that you can use a network to your liking. And you store your data redundantly. There are thousands of worldwide locations available.
  • Backup and restore. There’s no single point of failure anymore.

For storage, WeSendit partnered with some well-known storage providers. For example:

  • Filecoin
  • Sia
  • Skynet
  • Storj

Have you used file transfer data services before? If so, which one(s)? And how do you like the concept of a Web3 version? Where you are in control of your personal data? Now, let me show how you can use this WeSendit 3.0.

#2 How to Use WeSendit on Web3

With the Web3 version of WeSendit comes the WSI token. You can use a MetaMask or other EVM wallet to store this token. The WSI token gives you access to their Web3 services. You can use a Pro or Premium set-up. This allows you to use what you need. But more importantly, you only pay for what you need. 

WeSendit uses a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system. This puts you at the helm of controlling your costs. Discounts are as high as 60%on Premium features. It also gives you max flexibility.  The token max supply is 1.5 billion. Out of these, 102 million already circulate. Currently, it’s available at and PancakeSwap. One of the uses cases of the token is staking.

There are separate tiers for staking. Each tier gives you a different NFT. You can trade the NFTs on OpenSea in due time. Currently, they have:

  • 12,200 token holders.
  • 40,000 premium subscribers.
  • 3.1 Million free platform users.

As the only Web3 file transfer service, WeSendit is in a unique position. 21% of all internet users use file transfer services. That’s some 700 million people. 

So, watch out for the rollout of WeSendit 3.0. The US, UK, and Canada will kick this off. Shortly followed by opening the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. Step-by-step, they will open new markets. For example, European, Asian, and Arab-speaking markets.

Using blockchain technology offers new opportunities:

  • Higher security and cost efficiency.
  • Easy-to-use UI with plenty of options.
  • Less complex with a better performance.
  • Your data is always available.
#3 Team and Roadmap

The company’s headquarters are in Switzerland. The company is well established. However, they are a blockchain start up.

Jens Herbst is co-founder and CEO of WeSendit. He has a long history in management, marketing, and taught marketing. In 2016, he got interested in crypto and blockchain technology.

On their website, the team consists of 16 more people. You can add to this another 7 advisors and partners. In total, there are over 40 employees. Also, the roadmap looks good and realistic. The official presentation will be on the 10th of June. But this is the idea:

  • Launch of WeSendit 3.0 in Q3 2022
  • Alpha net just launched today. That’s their MVP or minimum viable product.
  • During Q2, 2023, we will see the Beta version.
  • New features will roll out by time. This includes improvements for the community and customers. This includes items most needed or wanted. It’s a 5-year road map, after all.

So if you need to send big files privately using end-to-end encryption, and you don’t like sharing your personal data, WeSendit has you covered. Try it today here.

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