The 0x protocol team releases new feature called 0x Instant. This will make purchasing cryptocurrencies even easier.

Binance CEO CZ once said something along the lines of “put your head down and keep building.” That’s exactly what the 0x team is doing and they just released a major feature. 0x instant is a new function that will allow the purchasing of cryptocurrencies in any app and website. The 0x relayers make the liquidity of buying crypto very easy and fluid. The widget will find the best prices for the buyer via the 0x networked liquidity pool. Users on the app and website can pay with Ethereum using a MetaMask app or a Trevor, ledger or Ethereum wallet.

Coinbase has already integrated it into their app known as Coinbase wallet. Balance has also added it to their web-based wallet and it now allows for the access of Ethereum tokens and the purchasing of them. Coingecko has also implemented 0x Instant into its price feeds for coins likes Maker, BAT, Omeisgo, AST and a few more.

“0x Instant is already being hosted by a diverse set of projects including non-fungible token marketplaces, non-custodial crypto wallets, dApps, and even crypto price feeds. “ – 0x Medium Blog

It’s great to see the 0x protocol company become a trailblazer for the cryptocurrency space. They continuously build as their token continues to land some of the biggest exchanges like its recent trip onto the Coinbase platform. Keep an eye out for 0x as they have more updates coming soon.

To learn more on 0x Instant, visit the medium blog post and find out more about 0x on their website. Follow them on twitter.


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