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The Web3 communications platform, Push Protocol, has announced its launch on the BNB Chain to expand its offering to a broader network. The BNB Chain is no doubt the biggest blockchain for smart contracts, and Push Protocol’s arrival showcases its ambition.

Over the last few months, Push Protocol has focused on a multi-chain future and has previously expanded to Polygon. The blockchain communication platform intend to make its services available to crypto users regardless of the chain on which they operate.

So, Push simply aims to transport popular communications experiences to Web3, which helps onboard new users to decentralized communications. Push will bring standard communications practices such as notifications and messaging to Web3 protocols, making a huge difference to the existing system.

Notifications drive all interactions on laptops, cellphones, and desktop computers. These alerts, which might be messages, notes, alarms, reminders, or notes, are what encourage people to connect with technology, apps, and platforms. So, Push Protocol focuses on notifications and messaging to give an intuitive communication interface to blockchains.

Significance of Launching the Push Protocol on BNB Chain.

According to Harsh Rajat, project lead and founder of Push Protocol, launching on the BNB Chain will onboard new users to Push as the BNB Chain is widely used by retail investors. Prior to launching on BNB Chain, Push’s notification services were limited to Ethereum and Polygon. However, Push believes that with BNB Chain, more users will be able to access its services.

Reacting to the launch, Rajat said, “I’m excited about the launch and believe this is the next step towards delivering truly decentralized notifications, messaging, and communications to everyone.”

Also, Alvin Kan, Director of Growth at BNB Chain, expressed delight at Push’s arrival at BNB Chain, noting that “the expansion of their decentralized communications suite to BNB blockchain is a testament to their vision of bridging the gap between the traditional web and the decentralized world. The launch of Push Protocol on BNB Chain will bring a whole new level of accessibility to its easy-to-use communication interface powered by decentralized notifications and messaging.”

Expanding to BNB Chain means Push Protocol will finally be available to BNB Chain’s 1 million daily active users. Additionally, it will increase the number of users accessing some of Push Protocol’s services, such as Push Chat, which enables messaging and communication across wallets.

The launch holds mutual value for both push and the BNB chain. BNB Chain provides Push with a community in need of its services, while Push offers BNB Chain a service that will improve their communications experience.

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